Poll finds Alabamans don't want stricter gun laws

Poll finds Alabamans don't want stricter gun laws
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Alabama passed constitutional carry earlier this year. They’ve been pushing forward on a number of pro-Second Amendment gun laws in recent years as well. They’re doing all the things that many in the Second Amendment community could want.


But, let’s be honest, the Second Amendment community is a relatively small segment of society as a whole. If the residents of a place like Alabama don’t agree with what the 2A community wants, the 2A community ain’t getting it.

Gun control advocates argue that people really want stricter gun laws. They use older polls to back up that claim, of course, but what about now? What about in a place like Alabama?

Well, it looks like they’re just out of luck there.

A new poll out today by Emerson College and The Hill reflects Alabama voters’ views on issues including firearm laws. The results suggest that the majority of Alabama voters are not satisfied with the current state of gun laws, although they disagree as to whether such regulations should be more or less strict.

Among other questions, the poll asked surveyed voters: “In general, do you feel that laws covering the sale of firearms should be made more strict, less strict, or kept as they are now?”

38.5% of those surveyed said they prefer to keep such laws as they are now.

A slightly smaller number, 37.2%, said they would prefer stricter laws. Only 17.4% of surveyed voters said they would prefer less strict laws on the sale of firearms.

The poll was conducted about two weeks after Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill allowing individuals to carry concealed handguns without obtaining a permit or undergoing a background check.

So nearly 56 percent don’t want new gun laws on the books.

The fact that this poll was conducted after constitutional carry was signed is important. It suggests that while nearly 40 percent are fine with where things are, where those things are is a point that many states absolutely refuse to get to.


In other words, those almost 40 percent are pretty pro-gun in their own right.

Frankly, how many of those folks even think there’s anywhere for them to go besides trying to nullify federal law or something?

It’s an interesting question, of course, but since the pollsters didn’t dig that deeply, all we can do is speculate. However, since the poll was of “very and somewhat likely voters,” it’s definitely indicative of the fact that Alabama isn’t likely to start backing gun control anytime soon.

The truth is that the tide has turned against gun control. Poll after poll has shown that people aren’t in favor of new gun laws. They just aren’t.

And these are newer polls, polls more reflective of the current sentiment, not polls from 2018 performed just months after Parkland when tensions were still relatively high.

But, while pushing for new gun laws, the anti-Second Amendment side will ignore all the recent polls, quote the old ones, and continue to delude themselves into believing that everyone is really on their side.

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