Sometimes, guns are the answer

Sometimes, guns are the answer
(Philadelphia Police Department via AP)

People are going to have issues with one another. These “beefs” are going to feel like they’re big deals to a lot of people, particularly in honor cultures like so much of our inner cities. In a lot of cases, they’re enough to kill over.


But there are programs that seek to find alternatives that don’t involve guns.

One such program in Pine Bluff, Arkansas got spotlighted in the media.

After another killing due to gun violence in Pine Bluff on Monday, a boxing organization aimed at being an alternative for the youth.

‘Gloves not Guns’ gives kids ages 8-17 a place to connect through the world of boxing by growing their skill, courage, self-confidence, and awareness that guns aren’t the answer.

Albert Brewer, founded ‘Gloves not Guns’ in 2000 and with every punch thrown by the youth he “wants to try to change the image of crime bluff.”

Brewer says ‘Gloves Not Guns’ isn’t the solution to stopping violence in the city, but it can be part of it.

“We were born with a set of guns. We learn to use these [fist],  and you’ll live to see another day.”

Now, understand, I like these programs. I think they’re a great option. You’re not going to stop the honor culture mentality just because you want it to go away, so you’d best find a way to redirect it. Boxing and other combat sports are a much safer way.

What bothers me, though, is the headline.

“Pine Bluff boxing ‘Gloves Not Guns’ teaching kids guns are never the answer.”


Now, Brewer is never quoted saying these words, so I’m not targeting him. I support what he’s doing and I wish him the best of luck.

No, I’m taking issue with the editorializing media who actually believe this drivel.

For kids on the street, it’s probably best if they learn that guns aren’t the answer, sure. Yet to claim that they’re never the answer is nothing more than anti-gun delusion masquerading as wisdom.

After all, if you are in a place with a mass shooting taking place, are your boxing skills what’s going to win the day? Or would you be better off with a gun? Well, in White Settlement, TX, we saw what happened when someone had a gun and could deal with what was before them. I don’t think having a wicked right cross would have done the same thing.

These kinds of platitudes are like saying “violence never solves anything.” I’m pretty sure the Jews liberated from concentration camps might disagree.

Look, I get that we’d all like to live in a world without violent crime. Many would prefer to live in a world without violence at all. (Personally, I enjoy combat sports, which is violence, so I’m clearly not in this camp.)


However, platitudes degrading righteous violence do nothing to help. Pretending all violence is created equally is idiotic.

No, teenagers should probably not get involved in shooting other people. That’s not what I’m talking about, though.

I’m talking about comments made in passing, often by well-meaning people, who seem to forget that sometimes, guns are used by good guys, and sometimes, violence is the only appropriate response to what you see before you.

Hell, Brewer is simply trying to redirect violence in such a way that it doesn’t leave kids dead.

Guns save lives. They save hundreds of thousands to millions of lives each and every year. If they’re never the answer, then what does that say to those of us who have drawn a firearm in self-defense? That we should be dead?

Sorry. Hard pass.

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