Cleveland City Council calls for constitutional carry repeal

Cleveland City Council calls for constitutional carry repeal
gmsjs90 / Pixabay

The city of Cleveland is probably best known for its long-suffering sports fans and the Drew Carrey Show.

That’s some legacy if you ask me.

However, it is a large city in Ohio, so it seems to matter to folks there for some reason. The question is just how much do they matter?

After all, the ink isn’t even dry on the state’s constitutional carry law, and Cleveland already wants it repealed.

The Cleveland City Council passed a resolution during Monday night’s regular meeting that states strong opposition to Ohio’s new firearms law.

The resolution, sponsored by councilman Charles Slife and cosponsored by all other members, states that “while Cleveland works to reduce the number of guns that lead to violent crime, the State of Ohio’s deregulation of handguns will increase gun ownership and proliferation of unregulated guns in our community.”

The problem here is that the law doesn’t “deregulate handguns.” It simply says non-felons who wish to carry a firearm don’t have to get permission from the state to do so.

The law regarding the purchase and ownership of handguns hasn’t been changed in the least.

While it may increase the proliferation of firearms in Cleveland, though, it should be noted that the term “unregulated guns” is kind of vague. After all, there’s no gun regulation scheme at work in the state of Ohio, so all guns are arguably unregulated.

If they mean things like guns in criminal hands, well, since the law doesn’t actually benefit them and doesn’t impact the sale of guns, I fail to actually see how.

I mean, did they even read the bill?

Probably not. That might mean knowing what the hell they’re talking about, and we know how anti-Second Amendment officials feel about knowing what they’re talking about.

The truth of the matter, though, is that constitutional carry may well yield the very results Cleveland’s city council claims they want. As people are able to carry guns without jumping through hoops, more law-abiding people will carry guns.

That means criminals will need to either rethink what they want to do or risk being shot. Some will figure they’re safe enough until they get shot themselves. Then they can serve as an object lesson for the rest of the criminal underclass in just what happens.

Like they say, “F*** around and find out.”

Well, someone will f*** around and someone in Cleveland will be in a position to help them find out.

At least that criminal will be off the streets, but so will his buddies who think robbing and shooting is a better way to live than, oh, I don’t know, getting a job.

Constitutional carry will help with that.

For Cleveland to want it repealed doesn’t particularly surprise me. However, I hope they’re not holding their breath and waiting. They should be told that turning blue doesn’t turn one into a person of color, for one thing. For another, they’re going to pass out and/or die before convincing the rest of the state that a good idea isn’t.