Why David Hogg said the quiet part out loud

(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

When we talk about gun control advocates, we routinely say they want to ban guns. Almost universally, they deny it, of course. They don’t want to ban them, they say, they just want some “common-sense gun reforms.”

You know, the kind of people, too. Folks like David Hogg.

Well, he doesn’t get to use that line ever again.

You see, young Mr. Hogg’s Twitter feed isn’t exactly home to the best of the best in gun control arguments. There’s never an original point coming from him, just a regurgitation of older talking points that were long ago debunked.

But over the weekend, he dropped this one:

There it is. We knew it’s what he wants and has for some time, but now he’s said it and he doesn’t get to pretend that he’s not all for banning firearms ever again.

It’s right there, in his own words. He doesn’t have social media people, either, so he can’t blame it on them.

“But he’s trying to make a point about banning books!”

Maybe, but one must understand that “banning” books isn’t really on the table anywhere. Saying you don’t want a book in a school library isn’t trying to deny everyone else the right to read that book. In the day and age of Amazon, trying to do so would be impossible anyway.

Gun bans, unfortunately, are and Hogg openly advocated for just that.

What’s interesting is how few people on the gun control side–the crowd that fawns over everything Hogg says–stepped in to say they weren’t willing to go that far. Some, sure, but far more were pumped to hear him say it.

Not that it’s surprising.

Normally, most gun control advocates who just want some new restrictions can never really tell you where their line in the sand is. They can’t tell you just how far they’re not willing to go to restrict your gun rights. They’ll claim they don’t support a total ban, but there’s a lot of ground between here and there.

Then again, they’re not speaking out on Hogg’s comment, telling him they don’t speak for them or saying they don’t agree with gun bans, so I’m pretty sure most of them are lying.

Hogg made a mistake.

You see, it’s not that he supports gun bans. We already knew that, after all. No, he screwed up and said the quiet part out loud. He said it where everyone can hear it and now the cat is out of the proverbial bag. We have his own words to definitively refute any claims he makes.

It’ll also come in handy when someone pops off with “no one wants to ban your guns.”

Really? Someone needs to clue your poster boy in on this little tidbit because he lost the plot. He’s saying stuff that hasn’t been approved by the gun control Stasi or whatever.

Frankly, I don’t care. He said what we already knew to be true, that the end goal for gun control is a complete and total ban on civilian firearm ownership in this country. With one flippant tweet, he undermined all the carefully constructed lies the gun control crowd has constructed over the decades and confirmed for us exactly what he and his crowd want.

At the end of the day, no one is shocked that it’s what he thinks. At most, we’re shocked that someone who got into Harvard would be so stupid.

Then again, it’s not like Harvard admitted him for his intelligence.