Marjorie Taylor Greene blasted for speaking the truth

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a lightning rod for the left. They attack her every word much as how many on the right blast Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s every comment.


However, there are profound differences between the two relatively junior congresswomen.

For one thing, Greene gets blasted for speaking the truth.

GOP U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is using Tuesday’s mass shooting that left 16 New Yorkers wounded, ten with gunshots, including five in critical condition, by calling for an end to gun laws. The Brooklyn, New York attack is tied for sixth with the most injuries this year.

“With New York’s strict gun control laws, how many innocent people were carrying a gun when the bad guy with a gun broke the existing laws and started shooting people?” Greene said, implying New Yorkers should have shot into a crowded subway car that was also under attack by a smoke device, making visibility poor.

“Bad guys don’t care about gun control and gun control only stops people from being able to protect themselves,” she added.

Greene of course is wrong on all counts. Gun laws make it harder for criminals to illegally obtain guns, thereby reducing the number of illegal guns on the streets. They also reduce the number of people who, for reasons of emotional or mental illness, should not be able to acquire deadly weapons

No, she’s really not.

As we’ve seen over the years, criminals have absolutely no trouble to speak of in obtaining firearms, even before so-called “ghost guns” were much of a thing. This was with plenty of gun control laws on the books.

Gun control doesn’t make it harder for criminals to illegally obtain firearms. It makes it more difficult for everyone else to legally obtain them.


Yet as for the crux of Greene’s comment, she’s spot-on correct.

In New York City–one of the most gun-controlled cities in the world–an individual was able to take a gun into a crowded subway station and open fire, shooting 10 people and injuring 13 others via other means. Did gun control stop this individual?

No, it didn’t.

But what if even one of those New Yorkers had been carrying a firearm lawfully? What if they had identified the threat, drew their weapon, and ended it before it got to be such a tragedy?

What would the news have been like?

For one thing, it’s unlikely most people would have heard about it. Sure, there are times when an armed citizen puts an end to a potential mass shooting and we all know about it. However, a lot of other such incidents fly under the radar.

Yet even if we knew about it, what it would do is prevent a lot of innocent people from having been hurt through the actions of an evil individual.

Greene ruffles feathers for various reasons. However, when she’s right, she’s right, and this is most definitely one of those times. Armed New Yorkers could have stopped this before it got out of hand and we all know it.

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