Durham police chief to try novel approach to violent crime

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I’m not about to pretend violent crime isn’t an issue. While some on the gun control side of the debate believe pro-gun folks are oblivious to the problems, we’re not. We simply believe there are better solutions that don’t infringe on our right to keep and bear arms.


No, violence is a problem and we need to look at solutions.

In many of our cities, though, the only solution we seem to hear about is gun control. In Durham, North Carolina, though, the chief of police is going to try something different.

Overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, from the Sandhills to the Triangle, a total of six people were shot and three of them died.

The shootings came just a day after Durham Mayor Elaine O’Neal discussed the surge in gun violence in the Bull City.

Durham Police Chief Patrice Andrews held a news conference Wednesday afternoon. She announced the formation of a secondary specialized unit to address violent crime.

“During the next 90 days, Durham police will work with crime analysis and intelligence units to focus on areas affected by gun violence,” Andrews said.

What? The police focusing attention on the areas where “gun violence” happens? That’s…that’s amazing! It’s groundbreaking! It’s…it’s…common sense!

The thing is, though, in a lot of cities, an announcement like this would be met with derision and accusations of racism. Why? Because, for whatever reason, these things tend to happen in mostly black neighborhoods–for the record, I think this has more to do with economics than race, but the facts are what they are–and so people assume racism when that’s really not what’s happening.


When violent crime spikes in a given area, it just makes sense to focus on that area. After all, if it’s not happening elsewhere, why step up efforts where they won’t be of any benefit?

The idea is insane.

For example, it’s like expecting enforcement to be stepped up in Beverly Hills because crime is rising in Compton.

No, Chief Andrews is doing what should be done in every department throughout the nation. Unfortunately, certain political factions simply won’t allow it. As a result, violent crime proliferates and those in charge start demanding gun control.

We can debate whether this is intentional sabotage or just outright stupidity all day long, but I’m not interested. I’m only focused on the real people who get hurt because the police aren’t allowed to do their jobs in the most efficient and direct manner possible.

Then, of course, there are those who get hurt by the draconian gun control policies these officials push that were never going to be of benefit in fighting violent crime. That happens far more often than many people actually recognize.


So now officials in one city are doing something useful. My sincere hope is that this not just works, but becomes the standard throughout our nation.

Going after criminals isn’t anything but going after criminals and protecting the people who live in these neighborhoods. We need people to finally recognize that.

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