Op-ed misrepesents almost everything with guns

Op-ed misrepesents almost everything with guns
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Will gun control play a role in the midterm elections? It might. Democrats especially are pushing hard on the regulation of firearms and it will likely come up during primaries, if nowhere else.


Guns, however, are a big part of the political landscape right now. President Joe Biden’s rules targeting homemade firearms, for example, are just one example of what we’re looking at in the coming months.

Many Americans know little about guns and are counting on the media to inform them of the particulars. Yet a recent opinion piece managed to blow it on almost everything they wrote. Here are some examples:

Why are these [constitutional carry] laws passing?

Advocates say regulations such as mandatory training unfairly infringe on the Second Amendment’s guarantee that citizens can carry guns for self-protection. For many, “constitutional carry” is the favored term. “The Constitution should be our carry permit,” Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said last month, as he signed Georgia’s law. But gun-control advocates say allowing unregulated carry of concealed weapons endangers police and the public, and there are statistics to back that up. One study found that gun homicides in Wisconsin rose by a third after a right-to-carry law was passed in 2011. In Missouri, gun homicides rose by 47 percent and gun suicides by 24 percent after the state repealed its licensing law, according to a study in the American Journal of Public Health. Law enforcement agencies strongly oppose permitless carry, and a national Quinnipiac survey in 2019 found that 77 percent of Americans — including 68 percent of gun owners — back mandatory gun licensing.


And yet a survey from earlier this year found that most Americans just want the current laws enforced, not the passage of new ones.

Further, pretty much every gun control study is seriously flawed. Those studies in particular fail to account for any other factor that may have played a factor in the increase in homicides, for example.

They missed that.

Yet it was far from the only example.

In the very next section, under a heading asking why eliminate permits, the first sentence reads, “It’s another product of the country’s intensely polarized politics, which discourages common-sense compromise and rewards extremist views.”

Never mind that trying to ban entire categories of guns in direct defiance of the Constitution is far more extremist than trying to restore the rights Americans had for generations after the Second Amendment was ratified.

The author or authors’ hope is that they can link the idea of “gun rights” and “extremist” in people’s minds, all without actually addressing the real arguments being made in defense of things like constitutional carry.

What we’re seeing here would be bad enough if it was just one or two publications. This particular piece originally came from The Week, which is known to lean left with its coverage, so it would be easy enough to dismiss it as partisanship from a partisan publication.


The problem is, this “thinking” shows up all over the media with little pushback elsewhere in the mainstream. It’s up to sites like us and other gun rights publications to fight back, only we’re preaching to the choir. You already know these arguments are BS.

But this is what we have to do, I’m afraid, because we simply cannot allow this nonsense to stand unchallenged.

And since they’re not going to knock it off anytime soon, I guess that means job security for yours truly.

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