Chicago man on house arrest had two stolen guns in home

Chicago man on house arrest had two stolen guns in home
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It could be said we pick on the city of Chicago a lot here. After all, we’re pretty hard on them much of the time. It’s easy to see why some might think we’ve got a bone to pick with the city.

However, I’ve never had a bad time in the city. It’s a great place to visit, at a minimum.

So why do we write so much negative stuff about Chicago? Because it’s a place where stuff like this happens.

A suburban man who was on electronic monitoring while awaiting trial on 160 counts of murder and other charges for allegedly killing, robbing, and trying to carjack a disabled victim, had two stolen guns in his house when sheriff’s officers searched his home following reports of a domestic altercation, prosecutors said. For now, those guns have only resulted in misdemeanor charges.

Torrey Lewis, 28, is awaiting trial on allegations that he and another man robbed and fatally shot a man outside a suburban movie theater while the victim’s girlfriend watched in July 2017. Prosecutors said the killers stole the victim’s Rolex watch and then tried to drive away with his car, but they couldn’t operate the vehicle because it was equipped for use by disabled drivers, the Tribune reported in 2018.

Judge David Navarro initially held Lewis without bail on one count of first-degree murder and one count of armed robbery, according to court records. A few weeks later, a grand jury returned a true bill that charged Lewis with 160 counts of murder, nine counts of armed robbery, and 16 counts of attempted vehicular hijacking in the case.

Then, on Monday, prosecutors filed charges over two stolen firearms allegedly found by sheriff’s deputies inside the home.

Now, let’s keep in mind that this guy apparently has a whopping 160 charges filed against him, including murder, yet where was he? Chilling at home with nothing but an ankle monitor and in close proximity to stolen firearms.

Yeah, can’t imagine why Chicago keeps getting beaten up by the gun press.

Remember that lawmakers there support pretty much every bit of gun control that crops up in Illinois. They argue it’s necessary to prevent violent crime.

Yet they have an accused murderer with a total of 160 charges sitting at home with an ankle monitor on and that’s about it with two allegedly stolen firearms inside the house.

It’s just too ridiculous to make up.

You see, the thing we need to recognize about violent crime is that it’s not about the laws on the books. Stolen guns have always been illegal, after all.

No, violent crime–in Chicago or anywhere else–is and has always been about the people involved. It’s broken people who murder others over a watch or a car or other such things. It’s broken people who hurt others for their own gratification. It’s broken people who are so insecure in themselves that they take any sign of disrespect and want to kill people over it.

It’s not about the guns, it’s about the people.

And then they place such a broken person at home despite scores of criminal charges against them in their own home with some of the very tools they can use to hurt others and really no supervision.

Yet if he’d hurt someone with one of those guns and despite the ankle monitor, you know the firearm would have been blamed.