Biden's war on gun not playing well with public

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President Joe Biden pays lip service to the Second Amendment. Most politicians do, of course. After all, they know that many Americans aren’t comfortable with a total gun ban, if for no other reason than it’s undebatable that the Constitution prevents exactly that.


So, he says the things so people will think he has no interest in going down that particular road. We know better, but the proper forms must be observed.

However, what he’s currently doing is going a bit too far for most Americans.

President Joe Biden’s unpopular gun control moves are doing little to appease his gun control donor class. Worse, those same moves are distancing him from voters that clearly see crime as a central issue and gun ownership as a right to be protected.

Among the unpopular policy positions dragging down his presidency is his myopic focus on gun control instead of crime control. The Biden White House has pursued the most far-reaching and radical gun control agenda of any president, previously naming a gun control lobbyist to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) whose nomination was defeated when not even all Senate Democrats could support the nominee.

At the same time, many voters aren’t behind Biden’s radical gun control agenda. Support for gun control is dropping. After high-profile criminal incidents that captured the news cycles, including the New York City subway attack and the gang-related murders in Sacramento, Calif., voters are seeing that gun control isn’t the pressing issue. Crime is.

The Biden administration is attempting to “bait-and-switch” public opinion to ignore inaction on curbing crime and lay the blame on lawful gun owners. The president has repeatedly used the bully pulpit to demand everything from universal background checks (which would require every law-abiding gun owner to be listed on a government watchlist) to the repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which prevents frivolous lawsuits against the firearm industry for the actions of criminals.

He repeats claims that have been debunked time and again, including that Americans couldn’t buy a cannon when the Bill of Rights was enacted. In fact, it is perfectly legal for an individual to own a cannon today.


Of course, that’s pretty much how President Biden rolls when it comes to guns.

The problem with the debunking is that most Americans never really see it. Unless they engage in a discussion on social media and parrot Biden’s talking points, they’re almost never going to see them. We point it out here and in other right-leaning or libertarian media, but the mainstream media almost never picks up on it.

They shield Biden as best they can when he says such inane things because, well, they want the same thing.

Yet as we’ve seen over and over, it’s not working as they hoped.

More and more people are buying guns, as author Larry Keane points out later in the piece. We also have seen numerous polls showing that Americans really aren’t that interested in gun control. Further, a lot of people spent the last two years learning just how many lies anti-gunners have been peddling over the years.

I mean, a lot of folks tried to buy guns over the internet, only to find out they’d still have to go to a gun store to pick them up, as just one example.

As such, people aren’t quite as ready to buy the lies anymore. They want gun laws already on the books to be enforced, but they’re not interested in further infringements on their Second Amendment rights.


That’s not good for Biden or for Democrats rolling into the midterms, especially since it seems likely gun control will come up in more than a few places.

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