Piers Morgan admits he messed up gun coverage

Piers Morgan admits he messed up gun coverage
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Piers Morgan occasionally gets it right. He’s made comments here and there that I couldn’t help but agree with. Yet I’ll never really be a fan of Morgan.


You see, Piers Morgan bashed any opportunity to have me as a fan because of the way he handled coverage of guns, gun control, and gun rights.

Yes, Morgan is British and we know how the British can be about guns. The problem was Morgan was particularly belligerent about the Second Amendment.

Now, he’s saying that he would have handled it differently.

Piers Morgan is changing his tune on guns, or at least the way he talks about them. The vocal gun control advocate was confronted by Fox News’ Sean Hannity about his more fiery gun control lectures from the past, and Morgan revealed he’d be more “respectful” in those debates if he could do it all again.

At the tail end of the Fox News interview on Monday, Hannity brought up a recent tense moment between Morgan and comedian Bill Maher after Maher referred to Queen Elizabeth as an “old bag,” prompting a defense of the Queen from Morgan.

In response to Hannity, Morgan admitted to being “irritated” with Maher’s comment and said he felt a need to stand up for “my Queen.” The moment helped highlight the differing cultures, Morgan said, he insisted that he’d do his gun control coverage “differently” if he could go back, wanting to be more respectful of the different culture in the U.S. on guns compared to Britain.

“I would do it differently if I had my time again because I think you’ve got to be mindful if you’re a Brit in a foreign country like America that America has its own culture, and it has a strong gun culture,” he said, adding he doesn’t feel “comfortable” with that culture coming from Britain.


Morgan admitted his approach was “overbearing.”

Now, understand, Morgan isn’t talking about becoming pro-gun. He still doesn’t want gun rights on the other side of the pond, for example.

However, it’s nice to see the mea culpa coming from someone who was such a horrendous ass over the subject.

Piers Morgan came to the United States and got on American television, then proceeded to pretend he had a British audience when it came to the subject. He talked over Larry Pratt but let Alex Jones rattle on incessantly because he knew Pratt might make people think and that Jones would be dismissed as a loon.

He made himself remarkably unpopular with many not because he didn’t value the Second Amendment, but because he was so arrogant about his disagreement.

To hear him admit he handled it wrong is a nice change of pace.

But what you won’t hear him say is that he was wrong about guns. He regrets his coverage, but not his opinions. Nothing has changed on that front.

Luckily, as he’s a British subject, we don’t actually have to care what he thinks.

Yet just as he doesn’t like it when someone badmouths Queen Elizabeth, we don’t like it when someone badmouths our right to keep and bear arms. Too bad he didn’t figure that out sooner.

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