Leftist wonk blames GOP, NRA for shooting near baseball game

Leftist wonk blames GOP, NRA for shooting near baseball game
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The Republican Party has its issues. I don’t agree with everything they do or say on a number of issues, but on guns, they tend to get it right. The GOP screws up on it some, but not nearly as much as Democrats do.


Yet according to one blue checkmark on Twitter, they’re responsible for everything.

Now, watch the video.  There’s no doubt that that had to be terrifying for everyone there. It’s not what you want to see at a baseball game. Especially a kids’ game.

But was it the GOP’s fault?

Well, let’s get some more detail on what happened.

A parent’s video shows children ducking for cover Monday night as gunfire erupted during a youth baseball game in North Charleston.

North Charleston Police say they are actively investigating the shooting. Police spokesman Harve Jacobs said police responded to Pepperhill Park in the 7600 block of Brandywine Road where gunshots had been reported.

A police report released Tuesday states witnesses told responding officers that a “large group” of teenagers pulled into the parking lot and began fistfighting. Witnesses then told officers the teenagers began shooting at each other before they fled in their vehicles where it appeared shots were fired from one vehicle towards another, the report states.


I’m sorry, but I’m kind of stumped here. I can’t recall a single policy either the GOP or NRA support that allows teenagers to buy handguns. I can’t think of any policies either supports that leads one to devalue human life, though I can think of a few that can arguably be said to do the opposite.

So just how is this their fault?

Of course, the easy answer is that it’s not. What Brian there is trying to do is tell his nearly half a million followers that it is so that they’ll be outraged. He’s not interested in providing facts for people, he just wants anger to be directed at the right people, hence his tweet.

I’m curious about his response when a Bernie Bro shot up a GOP softball practice in an expressed desire to kill republicans.

In this case, as bad as it was, the children weren’t targeted. They were just nearby.

I’m not saying bad things couldn’t have happened to them, mind you, only that they weren’t the intended victims.

It seems to me that if there’s a policy solution to this, it would be to target the gangs of teens that think violence is the answer for everything and wilt moments earlier only warranted a fistfight.


Too few segments of the American public value human life. That’s really what this whole incident is about and it’s not about access to guns for people who can lawfully purchase them. It’s not about The NRA or GOP not backing gun control.

This is a gun control failure and anyone with an ounce of intellectual honesty knows it.

So folks like Brian need to get off their high horse and recognize just where the problems lie and spend a little less time outraging their followers for cheap thrills/likes.

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