So much for New York's gun laws

So much for New York's gun laws
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The state of New York is famously anti-gun. We’ve seen this over the years and while Gov. Andrew Cuomo is out, none of that has really changed so far as I can tell.


People who support these laws say they’re essential in keeping illegal guns out of the state and out of criminals’ hands.

Yeah, about that…

Recently several arrests have been made in connection to illegal guns across Western New York.

Tuesday New York State police, in partnership with the Buffalo police, executed a search warrant on Concord Street and made 12 arrests while allegedly recovering heroin, crack, five guns and $1,300 in US currency.

All 12 were charged with the following:

  • Five counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon (sub-2)
  • Five counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon (sub-3)
  • One count of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon
  • Five counts of seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance
  • One count of fourth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance
  • Three counts of second-degree use of drug paraphernalia

Of course, people who get drugs can also get guns, which is why the claim that gun control actually works is so laughable. All drug laws do is keep law-abiding people from using drugs and the same goes for gun control.

Yet New York just had to have it, and now what?

So far, there seems to be absolutely nothing being accomplished with those laws. Nothing at all.

Well, alright, that’s not really fair. Plenty is being accomplished.

Law-abiding citizens throughout the state can’t get a carry permit as things currently stand, simply because self-defense isn’t sufficient grounds for a permit to be issued for many law enforcement officials. These same laws deprive many of being able to use some of the best tools for self-defense available inside the home as well.


These laws are keeping good, honest people from exercising their Second Amendment rights as the Founding Fathers intended and doing nothing to inhibit the criminal element.

And don’t blame other states for this. None of them allow drugs, yet those were found as well.

It’s beyond time to recognize that if someone can get one form of contraband, they can get others. Right now, the guns criminals tend to get are the ones that law-abiding citizens can get simply because it’s easier. Make that impossible, though, and they’re going to get other guns, and these may be worse than what you or I can currently get within the bounds of the law.

That’s something that no one thinks about.

But, I suppose it doesn’t matter. After all, with New York’s gun control laws, there’s simply no way those folks could possibly have had illegal firearms. All of this must be some kind of big mistake. If it’s not, then it’s just another bit of evidence that gun control is a great big waste of time, money, and resources on top of a breach of our civil liberties.

Then again, I haven’t seen any signs that states like New York care about civil liberties, anyway.

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