Dana Loesch blasts Dr. Oz for gun control misinformation


I’m still not sure about the world we live in. A guy from Saturday Night Live was in the Senate and Donald Trump was president. It’s just weird.

Yet as odd as that was, the idea of Dr. Oz as a senator may be worse.


Al Franken was at least funny.

Oz, on the other hand, has a history of questionable advice with no basis in science. For our purposes, though, the worst may be his history of espousing support for gun control. We’ve covered it previously, of course.

We’re far from the only ones talking about it, either. It seems Dana Loesch has thoughts as well.

Popular radio host Dana Loesch accused Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz of pushing “disinformation” about gun control and gun violence statistics.

Loesch laid out her argument in a lengthy Twitter thread responding to a 2018 claim from the Trump-backed candidate stating that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had been barred from “comprehensively” studying gun violence.

Right now, the @CDCgov is NOT funded to study gun violence in this country. It’s time we treat shootings as a public health problem. Contact your congressperson today to demand they fund the #CDC to comprehensively study gun violence. #EndTheBan congress.gov,” Oz tweeted.

“I have a major problem with Republicans who push disinformation like this. #2A#DrOz,” Loesch responded, noting that the CDC was never barred from the comprehensive study of gun violence.

“The only people who talk like this are Bloomberg gun-control types. This demands explanation — not excuses or dodging. Remember the people who cover for it, too,” Loesch continued, noting that the CDC had studied firearms but had failed to report their findings for political reasons.


She’s not wrong, either.

Look, Dr. Oz can claim he’s pro-Second Amendment all he wants, but he’s saying that at a time when he desperately needs people to believe it. An anti-gun Republican simply cannot win a primary in most places and he wants to be in the Senate.

But his history doesn’t mesh with what he’s saying now.

The ironic thing is that he could have sat down and said, “Yeah, I bought into the hype. The idea of guns being the problem was pushed so heavily that I and a lot of other people accepted it, but when I looked at the data, I saw I was wrong.”

I could have respected that. I would have applauded that.

Yet old Dr. Oz said no such thing. Instead, he simply pretended that the newspaper columns with his name on them weren’t really what he thought, they were his partner’s words and his name. Then we have this tweet from 2018 where he’s pushing the Big Lie, that the CDC was barred from doing research.

No, they were barred from pushing a gun control agenda. They could research all they wanted, but they needed to come at it neutrally. They refused to do it and advanced the lie that they were barred from doing so.


Oz perpetuated that lie and hasn’t offered a single apology for it.

Loesch calling him out on Twitter is just one of many voices that have done the exact same thing.

I’m sorry, folks, but if you want to trust someone like this to defend your gun rights, go right ahead. I’d much rather not have the anxiety of wondering when he’d stab us all in the back.

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