Akron City Council takes useless stand on guns

Akron City Council takes useless stand on guns
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Akron, Ohio is one of those cities that most people don’t really think about unless they have a good reason. When you’re trying to name a city out of the blue, it’s unlikely Akron is at the top of the list, regardless of why you’re trying to name a city.


It’s just not the kind of place most people consider.

But now it seems we need to take them seriously because they’re weighing in on guns.

Akron City Council unanimously passed a resolution Monday night condemning the mass shooting in Buffalo over the weekend in which 10 people were killed.

Oh, well, I’m glad they condemned it because I totally thought they were cool with racially-motivated mass murder.

Seriously, this is the epitome of virtue signaling. No one thought they were anything but opposed to what happened in Buffalo, but here they had to try and make the story about them.

Yet that’s only part of what they did.

During council’s regular meeting Monday night, council members called on state and federal lawmakers to pass tighter gun laws.

“Whenever it comes to something being done, reasonably, in terms of gun control, nothing’s done. There’s no courage in the statehouse or at the federal level,” Fusco said. “Something reasonable, that can maybe save some lives – it’s just not done.”

The document will be sent to Gov. Mike DeWine and Akron’s elected officials in the state and federal legislatures to show the city’s support for gun restrictions, according to the resolution.

Ward 4 Councilman Russ Neal added that more work needs to be done to prevent what he calls senseless gun violence at the local level in Akron. He called on council members to come up with a plan to address gun violence going into the summer.


Oh, well, since they’re calling on lawmakers to pass tighter gun control, literally no one will get right on that one.

No, seriously, no one cares what the Akron City Council actually wants on this.

The lawmakers elected from the area might, of course, but since they probably feel similarly, this does nothing. For anyone else, it’s meaningless. I seriously doubt a Texas Republican in Congress is going to change his mind on guns because of anything the Akron City Council thinks.

Of course, they have every right to do this, just to be clear. I’m just saying it’s colossally stupid of them to think it makes any difference.

Especially since calls for new gun control aren’t the answer to either what happened in Buffalo or the everyday crime you see in Akron. These are profoundly different issues with profoundly different solutions, not that I expect the kind of virtue-signaling gun grabbers that get elected to the city council in Akron to understand that.

At the roots of all crimes, there are reasons for it happening. You have to get at those if you want to prevent the behavior.

We’ve seen how “knife crime” in London has skyrocketed after gun control became a thing there. That’s because they focused on the tool, not the tools using them.


That’s what would happen here if you could successfully disarm the criminals.

But you can’t.

Mass shootings have different causes, most likely. I say that because no one’s really done a deep dive into why these things happen. We need to know, though, so we can address the causes.

If you focus on people, you get results. If you focus on guns, you get different problems.

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