Andrew Cuomo issues challenge on guns

Andrew Cuomo issues challenge on guns
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Andrew Cuomo is no longer the governor of New York. That probably chafes him quite a bit, truth be told, but he’s the one who resigned from office, so what can he do?


In the wake of Buffalo, a lot of people are chafing at how their favorite gun control proposals aren’t federal law, and it seems Cuomo is part of that crowd.

In fact, he apparently wants to challenge lawmakers on how they don’t seem to be tripping over themselves right now to pass some.

In his first visit to Buffalo since leaving office in August, Andrew M. Cuomo revived a host of themes familiar to his more than 10 years as governor during a Sunday appearance at True Bethel Baptist Church aimed at consoling a grieving community.

He expressed his sympathies to a Black community mourning the murder of 10 of their neighbors on May 14. He pronounced his love for Buffalo, just as on his many previous trips to New York’s second largest city. And he made a plea for removing military-style weapons from the streets, exactly as during his 2013 effort to implement one of the nation’s strictest gun control laws.

But even after President Biden and Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer sounded the same theme during visits to Buffalo last week – and even as they acknowledged their unlikely chances of success – the former governor seemed to have no patience for excuses or “thoughts and prayers” as he addressed reporters following remarks from the True Bethel pulpit.

“Politicians always say that,” he said of officeholders in general. “We took on guns in this state. We said this is a priority. The majority of people in this state support it. The majority of people in this country support it.


Well, no, they don’t actually.

However, this isn’t about whether Cuomo is right about how many support gun control–gun grabbers have a tendency to hold onto old polls back their opinions and ignore any new data–and about his challenge to politicians.

Can they push forward more gun control as he did in New York?

Well, it’s a great soundbite, but the reality is that New York is dominated by New York City, which routinely elects anti-gun lawmakers that overpowers the pro-gun parts of the state. Pushing through gun control there isn’t really all that much of a challenge, all things considered.

But the federal government is structured in such a way that smaller states cannot be overpowered to such a degree. That means pro-gun states get to have their voices heard and have the power to actually fight back.

As such, there’s not much hope in hell of pushing through gun control.

That’s a good thing, though, because so much of the media has managed to ignore the role gun control played in the attack. It failed to prevent the shooter from getting a gun, for one thing, and then the killer claims he targeted that particular store because of gun control.


Cuomo ignored all of that as well.

Then again, while he may want to challenge politicians to push for gun control, I’d like to challenge him to stop sexually harassing his female employees.

I can’t help but wonder if the reason he’s anti-gun is because he’s afraid his predatory behavior would get him shot. If so, he needs to spend more time in therapy and less time pontificating on mass shootings.

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