What you didn't know about Laguna Woods church shooter

What you didn't know about Laguna Woods church shooter
AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

While it happened the same weekend as the Buffalo shooting, the shooting at a Laguna Woods church hasn’t gotten nearly as much press.

Part of that is understandable. While the Laguna Woods shooting was terrible, it didn’t have nearly the same number of fatalities that Buffalo did.

Another part, however, may have more to do with the shooter.

The shooter who targeted Taiwanese congregants at a Southern California church is associated with a group tied to the Chinese Communist Party that calls for China’s takeover of Taiwan, Radio Free Asia reported.

[Name redacted], a 68-year-old Chinese immigrant who on Sunday killed one congregant and wounded five others at Geneva Presbyterian Church before being subdued by parishioners, in 2019 participated in an event hosted by the Las Vegas Association for China’s Peaceful Unification. The group is controlled by the Communist Party’s United Front Work Department and argues that “peaceful unification” between China and Taiwan “is the only way to avoid war.”

The Orange County sheriff cited the shooter’s hatred of the Taiwanese people as a motivation for the shooting.

In other words, this wasn’t just a hate crime, it was also an act of terrorism.

That’s right, this killer was motivated by his hatred toward a group of people and his political affiliations. While the Chinese government may not have had anything to do with the attack – and while there appears to be no evidence suggesting they did, I won’t completely rule out the possibility – their anti-Taiwan rhetoric appears to have played a factor.

So why isn’t this being talked about?

We’ve heard all about how Tucker Carlson is responsible for Buffalo, even though the shooter there considered himself more of a leftist, but almost nothing about this. Why is that?

Well, there is the fact that the media likes to trip over themselves protecting China as much as they can get away with, for one thing.

The mainstream media doesn’t despise China as they probably should. Instead, many actually seem to like them. They routinely ignore the genocide underway against the Uighur people there and instead like to frame any criticism of China as racist in origin.

That’s not universal, of course, but it happens with enough frequency and little pushback that it’s hard not to see it as a common thing.

Plus, while the Chinese media is anything but free, they typically accept China’s explanations on current issues as nothing less than the truth, also with frightening regularity.

For them to ignore the Laguna Woods shooter’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party seems remarkably one-sided, to say the least.

They’ve looked for the Buffalo shooter’s ties to anything and everything, outright fabricating them if necessary, but they ignore this act of domestic terrorism as if it simply didn’t happen. Plus, a Chinese man attacks Taiwanese churchgoers simply because they’re Taiwanese? How is this not equally as racist as Buffalo?

The fact that they ignored this tells you plenty.

For all their concerns about racism and domestic extremism, they’re only really worried about one flavor of such things, and that’s the kind they can turn around and use to attack their ideological opponents. There’s no evidence the Buffalo killer was influenced by someone like Tucker Carlson, but they’ll still blame him.

Meanwhile, we have actual ties with the Chinese Communist Party and someone who attempted a mass shooting – committed one, according to the media’s preferred definition – and we have relative silence.

That’s not a coincidence.

It should also make you wonder just what else the media is refusing to report because it’s inconvenient to their agenda.