Beto gets standing ovation, but does it matter?

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Beto O’Rourke is best known for being a popular failure.

He’s failed as a senatorial candidate and as a presidential candidate. He also hasn’t done a lot of good for the gun control movement, either.


Now, though, he’s running for governor and kind of making an ass of himself in the process.

Of course, it’s not like Beto recognizes this fact. Especially when he’s getting reactions like this:

Beto O’Rourke received a standing ovation from a crowd in Dallas Wednesday night as mention was made of how he confronted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, saying “This one is on you,” the day after 19 fourth graders and two teachers were gunned down in Uvalde, Texas last week.

The cheering Dallas crowd attended an event hosted by Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke Wednesday night. It was billed as a gun safety town hall in response to the Uvalde school shooting, but clearly the campaign and politics were front and center.

Of course, this will tell him that he’s doing the right thing, that his stunts are working and that they’re resonating with people.

Unfortunately for him, that’s not what’s happening.

Look, people in Texas know who Beto is. They’ve seen him and heard him. They don’t need to go to a town hall to hear his positions on things. They already know.

So what’s happening is that only the faithful are showing up. He’s preaching to the choir and they’re eating up his antics.

The problem is that Beto doesn’t actually understand most Texans. After all, he offered this as suggestions:

As for safety measures, O’Rourke suggested making universal background checks mandatory, as well as enacting storage laws that would require gun owners to secure firearms to prevent others from having access to them. He also offered up red flags laws.


Now, there are varying degrees of support for things like red flag laws and universal background checks, at least in theory, but mandatory storage is likely to go too far for most Texans.

But it’s not like O’Rourke understands that.

See, the problem is that Beto is out of touch with what anyone outside of the progressive bubble thinks about the subject of guns. Let’s remember that this is a man who straight-out said he was going to come for our guns if he became president. Why would any Texan not believe he’d try to do the same as governor?

And contrary to what many think, Texas isn’t exactly starting to lean blue. RealClearPolitics shows Abbott has a firm lead over Beto in recent polling. While Uvalde may play a factor to some degree, it’s unclear just how significant that factor will be, nor just what we’ll see.

After all, this is Texas. Don’t be surprised if the voters demand teachers to be handed a firearm along with a copy of the school’s policies when they get hired.

Beto is reading the room, but the problem is that he’s reading the wrong room.

That just means we’re looking at him being a third-time loser.

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