Chicago teen's arrest raises questions about gun control

Chicago teen's arrest raises questions about gun control
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The state of Illinois has a lot of gun control on the books. They’ve got things like a licensing requirement for firearm ownership–not just sales, but you must have a license in order to keep the guns you already purchased–and universal background checks. They have tons of restrictions most the rest of the nation wouldn’t even consider.


They’re the kind of laws we’re told are absolutely required in order to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

Which is why a Chicago teen’s arrest for bringing a gun to school is so interesting.

Chicago police said a student was arrested for bringing a gun to his Archer Heights high school Monday.

Police said they were called to Curie High School around 9:30 a.m. for a 15-year-old boy in possession of a gun.

School officials said they were told one of the students had brought a gun to school and immediately contacted police.

The teen was arrested and taken into custody. No one was hurt.

However, one can’t help but wonder just how people can say gun control works when stuff like this happens in a state with so much of it.

Of course, someone will reply that it’s not gun control that failed, that the issue is the nearby states who don’t also have the same level of gun control.

That makes me question all those supposed studies that claim gun control works. I mean, they’ve already been debunked, of course, but not everyone accepts that. Yet if gun control is so easily circumvented, then how did those studies produce numbers suggesting it does?

Frankly, it would all be very confusing if you were the least bit interested in trusting what these people are saying.

I mean, in a state with gun licensing and universal background checks, a 15-year-old boy was able to obtain a firearm and bring it to school. He couldn’t lawfully get one in any state, of course, much less in a state with gun control like Illinois.


Yet he did, then brought it to school.

See, what people need to understand is that while no one wants a 15-year-old to bring a gun to school, gun control laws aren’t what will stop that kind of thing from happening. Folks like me oppose them not just because they don’t work, though. We oppose them because all they manage to do is infringe on law-abiding folks’ right to keep and bear arms.

A teenager was able to obtain a gun and bring it to school in a state where there’s no legal way he could do so, but the law-abiding woman who found out she has a stalker is having to wait on her FOID so she can get a gun to protect herself with.

Now, you tell me, what part of that makes any sense whatsoever?

Yet that’s the law in the Land of Lincoln. Those are the laws that Chicago wants and has managed to inflict on the rest of the state. It’s just obvious those laws don’t do anything proponents claimed they would.

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