Ben & Jerry's pushes for gun control

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Ben & Jerry’s makes ice cream. They’re a popular brand with creative names for their flavors. As for taste, well, it’s pretty good. I think it’s overhyped, but tons of people disagree with me.


That’s fine. It’s ice cream and I’ve never been known as a connoisseur of it. It’s all tasty to me.

However, another thing the company is known for is making political stances. They’re a far-left company that makes no pretenses of being otherwise.

Now, they’re coming out to discuss their views on guns.

Ben & Jerry’s is calling on corporate America to stop financing politicians who oppose gun control measures supported by most Americans.

“It’s time for companies and their trade associations to stop political contributions to elected officials who do the gun lobby’s bidding, blocking common sense gun laws that nearly all Americans support,” the Vermont ice cream maker said in response to recent mass shootings. “Our leaders are more responsive to the gun lobby than to the grieving families of countless victims.”

Those families are lighting up phones on Capitol Hill, according to Senator Chris Murphy, whose state of Connecticut endured the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012. Some Republicans in Congress are now more open to finding common ground on gun legislation, the Democratic negotiator told reporters Tuesday.

Ben & Jerry’s also called on its patrons to contact their representatives and urge their support for a ban on assault-style military weapons and high-capacity magazines. Long known for its political activism, Ben & Jerry’s obtained a level of autonomy in agreeing to be acquired by the consumer goods conglomerate Unilever 20 years ago.


Is it just me, or is it ironic that an ice cream company would talk about saving lives?

After all, is there really any doubt that sweet foods like ice cream contribute to the obesity epidemic in this country? Obesity-related diseases claim an estimated 300,000 lives each and every year, and I’ll guarantee that ice cream was at least a contributing factor in just about all of those deaths.

In other words, if we’re going to blame products for the results, it would take nearly a decade for the firearm industry to amass a similar death toll to ice cream.

Just sayin’.

But what about their point? Should companies withhold support from candidates who don’t support gun control?

I’m sure Ben & Jerry’s will, of course, because their activism is part of their brand. They overcharge for ice cream knowing that at least a number of people will buy it anyway just so they can feel good about their product choices. They virtue signal so others will virtue signal by giving them money.

There are worse cons out there, I’m sure.

But many companies and trade groups support candidates based on their support for that industry. Does anyone really think oil industry trade groups are going to start giving money to Democrats who want to destroy their industry just because of guns?


It’s an insane suggestion.

Yet that’s essentially what Ben & Jerry’s is asking.

Then again, they’re also technically asking the NSSF to do the same thing, which is even more insane.

Of course, it’s an ice cream company. No one should give a damn what they think about anything.

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