Georgia Democrats demand lawmakers take up gun control

Georgia Democrats demand lawmakers take up gun control

My home state of Georgia became the 25th state to have a constitutional carry law. Permitless carry laws are kind of the moment you know just how unlikely gun control is in the state as well. After all, permits are something many people understand and accept. If a state will do away with those, what are the odds they’ll pass more gun control?


Yet some Georgia lawmakers seem to think the state should do just that.

Georgia Democratic lawmakers are calling for tougher gun legislation in the wake of the recent violence. This past weekend there were at least 13 mass shootings claiming more than a dozen lives and leaving over 70 people injured.

Representative Sandra Scott mentioned several proposals. The top area of concern for her and several other state Democrats is the ease of access to assault weapons. They’re pushing for a ban on those types of firearms or an increase in the minimum age requirement to buy them.

Amid the string of gun violence, Georgia Democrats are calling for tougher gun laws. Proposals include banning Glock switches in Georgia, which allow people to turn handguns into machine guns, either raising the minimum age to buy an assault weapon to 21 or banning those firearms across the state and strengthening background checks.

First, those switches are already illegal under federal law. You simply cannot have them and there’s no way to legally get one. While Georgia doesn’t have a law specifically banning those, it does prohibit unlicensed machine guns, which is what the switch basically creates.

It’s also unlikely you’re going to see the minimum age for so-called assault weapons increase, much less a ban and there’s no way the state is going to pass a universal background check bill.

In other words, they’re being downright hilarious with their demands.

Especially when you consider that support for these measures will likely die down between now and when the legislature is back in session at the start of next year.


So why make these demands? Why issue calls for laws you know simply won’t be considered?

That’s easy. Scott and her fellow travelers want the party to know they hold the right opinions. They want the liberals in the state to know they hold the right opinions. In other words, it’s a big virtue signal that lets people know she and her buddies are “the right sort” at the national level.

She has to know that at least most of this won’t pass.

Sure, it’s possible Georgia will ban auto switches, but since they’re already illegal, no one should expect the law to actually change anything except maybe to allow prosecution at the state level instead of counting on the feds to do it.

Beyond that, nothing is going to happen.

And Scott knows this. More than that, though, is the fact that she likely knows few in the state are going to get bent out of shape that none of this will happen, either.

This is a constitutional carry state. We’re not likely to ban certain weapons nor keep law-abiding adults from exercising their Second Amendment rights.

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