Three killed in Maryland mass shooting

AP Photo/Matt Rourke


It seems like we’re not even past the last few horrific shootings–Buffalo, Uvalde, and Tulsa–but now it seems we have yet another mass shooting.

On Thursday, a man in Maryland killed three people at a factory.


A 23-year-old man shot four coworkers — three fatally — at a manufacturing plant in western Maryland Thursday before fleeing the scene and exchanging gunfire with state police, authorities said.

A trooper and the suspect were wounded and hospitalized, according to Lt. Col. Bill Dofflemyer of the Maryland State Police.

Investigators have not yet established a motive for the workplace shooting, which occurred at about 2:30 p.m. ET, Washington County Sheriff Douglas W. Mullendore told reporters at a briefing.

The Washington County State’s Attorney’s Office is working to determine charges for the suspect, who is not being named at this time, according to a news release from MSP.

The victims and suspect were employees of Columbia Machine, Mullendore said. The company makes concrete products equipment, according to their website.

The wounded state trooper, who is a 25-year veteran of the agency, was treated for his injuries and released, according to an update from MSP. The suspect was also wounded after at least one of the troopers who responded to the scene returned fire and struck him. He was still being treated Thursday evening, police said.


Of course, there’s a lot we don’t know about this shooting. What we do know is that a pistol was recovered at the scene. Beyond that, we have more questions than answers.

As noted above, there’s the big question of “why?”

Since the gunman has survived, at least for now, there’s hope we’ll get some answers. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though, because it seems we never really get answers from these people, just more questions.

While I’d prefer to skip it, we can’t ignore the impact this is likely to have on the gun debate.

On one hand, Maryland is a pretty gun-controlled state. No amount of gun control will stop a maniac looking to kill. I mean, look at England, for example.

They have all the gun control in the world and still couldn’t stop a mass shooting.

At some point, we have to recognize that this is a sickness in our society and start looking for solutions there, not in trying to restrict gun ownership. It’s the only possible explanation since we have plenty of evidence that gun control doesn’t work.


Mass shootings cannot be tolerated, but we can’t allow the debate to devolve into restricting people’s rights. That’s where we’re at right now, but that’s also not the solution.

Right now, we need to wait and find out what this particular guy’s motivations were, but after that, we need to delve deeper. It’s unlikely that motive is anything the rest of us haven’t experienced ourselves, but who among us has even considered shooting up our workplace?

There’s something broken inside of such people and we’d do well to start trying to figure out just what it is rather than pretending taking guns from people will somehow make this all go away.

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