Marjorie Taylor Greene slams Senate deal

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I once had someone try to convince me that Republicans only respected women who were meek and mild, preferably who “knew their place.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at them, because this same person railed against Marjorie Taylor Greene constantly, and say what you want about the Georgia Republican, but she ain’t exactly meek.


Now, she’s lashing out at members of her own party.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican, took aim at GOP senators after a bipartisan agreement on gun reform legislation was announced on Sunday.

Ten Senate Republicans along with 10 Senate Democrats negotiated and agreed to bipartisan legislation that would be the most significant effort by Congress to address the national issue of mass shootings and gun violence in years. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, and President Joe Biden welcomed the deal, which would be expected to pass if all 10 Republicans ultimately vote in favor.

Hours after the news broke, Greene took to Twitter to attack Senate Republicans, apparently over their willingness to work with Democrats to pass legislation.

“The Senate Republicans are everything wrong in the GOP. Too many of them have helped Joe Biden pass his America Last agenda even more than the Progressive Democrats in the House,” the Georgia Republican, who is a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, complained.

“The Republican Party needs a drastic identity change for America to survive. Or the GOP won’t,” Greene added.


She also singled out Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina for special attention, but since Graham has always been a little squishy, that’s not surprising.

Now, the question is whether Greene’s lashing will change anything, and I’m inclined to think not.

While Greene is a high-profile Republican thanks to the media paying an awful lot of attention to her, it’s not like anyone in the Senate has to actually listen to the first-term lawmaker.

That doesn’t mean she’s wrong, though.

Look, I said earlier today that the deal isn’t as bad as it could have been, and it’s not. That doesn’t mean the deal had to be reached, either.

I know that public opinion is reportedly very much in favor of gun control right now, but as we’ve seen over and over, people say they support gun control, but they don’t support it more than they oppose things like inflation.

Gun control typically isn’t a driving issue for them.

As such, the Senate Republicans could have held firm and everything would have been fine. Especially since public sentiment has a way of dying down and likely would have by the time the midterms rolled around.


I won’t say Greene was right to call them out, but she wasn’t wrong, either. Not about anything she blasted them for.

We got sold out, even if it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Look at who those lawmakers were. Remember come re-election time. Take a good look and make them pay for their betrayal. They like being in office? Tough. Forced retirement may be all we can do, but it’ll send the signal.

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