Matthew McConaughey hires DC lobbyists to push gun control

Matthew McConaughey hires DC lobbyists to push gun control
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Actor Matthew McConaughey is a big name in Hollywood. He’s done some great movies and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed his work up to this point.

However, now he’s getting into politics.


That’s not new for an actor. Not really. We’ve seen plenty make that jump. Actress Cynthia Nixon challenged Andrew Cuomo for the New York governorship and gave him quite a run for his money, for example. Then you have Ronald Reagan, the most famous example, followed by Arnold Swarzenegger, both of whom served as governor of California, though only Reagan ascended to the White House.

McConaughey was considering a gubernatorial run in his native Texas this year before deciding against it.

Yet since Uvalde–where McConaughey is originally from–the actor has been pushing hard for gun control. Now, it seems, he’s gone where actors don’t normally go. He’s actually hired a lobbying firm.

Matthew McConaughey has hired a Washington lobbying firm as he advocates for tighter gun laws, mental health funding and school safety measures after the school shooting in his hometown of Uvalde, Texas.

McConaughey brought on Avisa Partners, an international consulting and lobbying firm, in his campaign for “gun responsibility” in the U.S. – a term he uses to describe policies such as red flag laws and mandatory waiting periods.

Avisa will serve as representative of the famous actor in Washington. The registration for the partnership was filed Wednesday, linking Avisa Partners to McConaughey’s holding company, according to a report from Politico.


The truth is that few people object to beefing up school security. Few also have an issue with increased mental health funding, at least in principle.

This means the lobbying firm is really going to be focused on McConaughey’s push for gun control.

And that’s a shame.

See, it’s becoming harder and harder for me to separate the artist from the art. I’ve enjoyed a lot of McConaughey’s work through the years. I even liked Sahara, and almost no one liked that one, including Clive Cussler who wrote the original story, yet if he is going to push an anti-gun agenda so actively, it’s going to be hard to continue that.

I’m sure McConaughey isn’t going to lose a moment’s sleep losing a single fan, mind you, nor should he really.

But the big problem is that McConaughey is pushing for policies on a subject he’s woefully uninformed about. In fact, increased school security and better mental health funding might well fix the problem of school shootings all by itself.

It’s been quite clear that he’s been driven by emotion and not by an understanding of the issues.

That’s hardly surprising. He might shoot a gun on the big screen, but that doesn’t mean he understands the nuances of the politics of firearms.


Yet a big question is, will this actually matter?

Probably not. As a successful actor, McConaughey has deep enough pockets to do this kind of thing, but if decades of activism by groups with even deeper pockets haven’t managed to make the impact they want, I doubt the actor will do any differently.

However, he may want to think about the ground he’s treading.

Not everyone in Hollywood is as liberal as he might think. What happens when another actor or group decides to do the same for something McConaughey despises?

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