Are gun control advocates coming for ammo next?

Are gun control advocates coming for ammo next?
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We now have the text of the Senate gun control bill. It’s not as sweeping as gun control advocates want, of course, but they seem to be quite happy to take whatever they can. That’s unsurprising, of course. In their world, any infringement is a good infringement.


Yet Rep. Andy Biggs, speaking with Breitbart, thinks that ammunition is going to be the gun grabbers’ next target.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) spoke with Breitbart News about the current push for gun control in the House and warned us to be ready to see gun controllers “go after ammunition and ammunition manufacturers.”

Biggs noted a number of gun controls have been passed by the Democrat-controlled House, and even though those controls have not passed the Senate he believes the House will pass even more.

He explained, “I expect some additional gun control legislation to come out of the House. I expect there will be an attempt to do an ‘assault weapons’ ban, I think they’re going to continue to try to eliminate liability protections on gun manufacturers, and I think they’re also going to go after ammunition and ammunition manufacturers.”

Now, it’s unlikely that even this particular Senate–the one that’s basically sold us out to win a little temporary media goodwill–will support anything like that, but I don’t think Biggs is wrong about where they want to head.

Let’s remember that a lot of gun control measures seem to start in California, then spread out like a virus.

California already has ammunition control, so it’s not difficult to imagine someone trying to implement such a measure on a federal scale. They’ll ignore the problems with the state’s law and the fact that it simply hasn’t done anything except make it difficult for many gun owners to shoot regularly.


Then again, it’s not like gun control advocates have ever let a little thing like failure stand in the way of trying to expand a bad law, now is it?

However, they haven’t yet, which means there’s time to put an end to this, especially if they fail to introduce much of anything before the midterms.

Democrats are widely expected to lose control of both the House and Senate come November, which means gun control advocates in the House will be free to introduce whatever they want, but a new GOP leadership will be less likely to consider any such measure.


Of course, if you’d have told me a couple of months ago that a group of Republican senators would negotiate a gun control deal, I’d have laughed at you, yet here we are.

So that also means gun rights advocates need to reach out to their representation in Congress and make absolutely certain they know where you stand. Make it politically unpalatable to support gun control. Yes, even if you’re in a blue district. If Democrats know their job is on the line, they’re less likely to support such infringements on our rights.

They might want to, but self-preservation kicks in.

Do not let them propose this kind of thing unchallenged.

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