NYPD officer wounded in Brooklyn shooting

NYPD officer wounded in Brooklyn shooting
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On Thursday, the Supreme Court released its decision on NYSRPA v. Bruen. It was welcome news to gun rights advocates and has been condemned by gun control supporters.


The decision hinges on a New York law meant to limit who can carry a firearm concealed. Proponents of the law say it’s necessary to keep bad people from carrying guns.

Which, of course, is why an NYPD officer was shot that very same day.

New York City police officer responding to a shooting in Brooklyn Thursday afternoon was shot in the arm.

The officer was walking near Pitkin Avenue and Legion Street in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn when he was struck.

The officer was taken to the hospital where he was treated and is expected to recover.

However, let’s remember that this shooting happened before Bruen could have done anything in New York City. The NYPD was still operating under the same laws as they were before the decision came out.

Clearly, they didn’t help.

You see, the criminals of this country and dissuaded by things like carry permits. They don’t care if it’s may issue, shall issue, no issue, or constitutional carry. They will carry a gun because they want to carry a gun. There’s literally no line you can draw on that front they won’t cross.

The NYPD has enforced the city’s draconian gun laws for generations, and the city has bounced between being the most violent to one of the most peaceful, all without appreciable changes to its gun control laws. It is, in my opinion, clear evidence that gun control isn’t needed to combat crime.

Yet Thursday’s incident also makes it clear that those laws on the book don’t combat crime.


Of course, no one reading this will be surprised to hear that. Gun control laws don’t work and never have. They simply make it difficult for the law-abiding to defend themselves from the very people who would shoot an NYPD officer.

If they’ll shoot a cop, do you think they’d hesitate to the average citizen? Probably not.

This is why the Bruen decision is so important. It’s no longer possible for the NYPD or any other government entity to decide you don’t get to carry a gun simply because they don’t approve of your reasons. They simply cannot make that determination.

Now people in New York will be able to look forward to getting a carry permit and be in a position to defend themselves from these kinds of predators.

While anti-gun advocates are screaming about how it’ll be like the Wild West, they would do well to remember that even if the Wild West really was the Wild West, a lot of the shootings that took place involved someone defending themselves from vicious outlaws.

Frankly, it might be good for New York City and the NYPD to see a little more Wild West and a little less dystopian nightmare hellscape.

But then again, I’m a pro-gun advocate who thinks the right to keep and bear arms is sacred.

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