Suspect arrested in Highland Park shooting

Suspect arrested in Highland Park shooting

Shootings in the Chicago area are nothing new. We see them all the time. What we typically don’t see, though, is the kind of violence that we can all agree should be defined as a mass shooting, yet that changed on July 4th in Highland Park.


The situation there appears to still be fluid, so bear that in mind as you continue to read. Things we’re told by the authorities today could be different in a matter of a few hours.

That said, the big thing is the arrest of a suspect.

While we will not mention his name–we here at Bearing Arms refuse to help make these dipsticks famous–we do know a good bit more about the suspect. For example, he’s a 22-year-old male caucasian “rapper” whose YouTube channel is filled with references to violence.

[Name redacted], 22, performs under the name [also redacted]. His social media, including a YouTube channel, is awash with videos filled with mass shooting fantasies, while another contains a headline referencing Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who assassinated President John F Kennedy.

Now, my initial take was that this was likely to be someone with strong anti-American sentiments. After all, why target an Independence Day celebration?

Well, I don’t know that I was wrong, but the indications we’re seeing reported aren’t exactly in line with what I was expecting.

His social media account shows he is a Trump supporter, who has attended one of the former President’s rallies, dressed as the fictional character Waldo, from Where’s Wally. In other photos he can be seen wearing a Trump flag like a cape.

[He] has also uploaded photos in which he is wearing a jumper emblazoned with a ‘Pepe the Frog’ meme, a popular symbol among alt-Right groups.

[He] is alleged to have owned a server on the social messaging platform Discord which was named ‘SS’. The server has since been removed.


Now, in fairness, Pepe the Frog is popular with a lot of people who aren’t alt-right as well. That said, if he’s an alt-right Trump supporter, then he’s not necessarily part of the “America is so awful” crowd. At least, not the kind of crowd I initially thought.

Of course, the Discord server name is troubling, especially in the wake of Buffalo where an avowed racist committed a mass shooting at a grocery store in a black neighborhood. That said, “SS” could mean just about anything, though it’s more likely it means exactly what you think it means.

Beyond the suspect, though, we have the shooting itself.

CNN reports that the injured ranged in ages from 8 to 85. The death toll still stands at six people.

In that regard, it doesn’t appear much new information has surfaced. That also means all of the wounded appear, as of this writing, to have survived the night.

As we proceed, there’s going to be a lot of blame thrown around. It’s important to remember that the blame for this rests solely on the jackwagon that walked into a building with what officials are simply describing as a “high-powered rifle” and shot at people trying to enjoy an Independence Day parade.


He’s the one responsible and he deserves to be punished. If it is, indeed, this particular individual, then may he rot in prison for the rest of his life, if not a harsher punishment.

If it’s not, may the perpetrator be hunted like–I was going to say “like the dog that he is,” but no dog should be compared to human-shaped filth like this.

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