Gun control activists bring buses to protest outside Ted Cruz's home

AP Photo/John Raoux

The gun control crowd loves to claim that no right is absolute, that any right can be restricted. This, of course, is what they love to say to justify restrictions on rights they don’t actually like to exercise.


Yet when it’s something they want, nothing is going to stop them.

Take the miles-long trail of buses that were a part of a protest outside of Sen. Ted Cruz’s home.

A mobile museum honoring children killed by gun violence headed to the home of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Thursday.

Driving the news: The NRA Children’s Museum — a convoy of 52 yellow school buses filled with items and 4,368 empty seats to represent the children killed by gun violence since 2020 — kicked off its campaign by visiting the Texas senator, who is a staunch opponent of gun control.

  • The mobile museum was created by Change the Ref, a gun control advocacy group founded by Manuel and Patricia Oliver. Their son, Joaquin Oliver, was killed in the 2018 Parkland school shooting.
  • Manuel Oliver also hand-delivered a letter to Cruz that Joaquin wrote when he was 12 years old, urging for universal background checks.

Of course, Oliver fails to note that the gunman who killed his son passed a background check. Odd how that gets left out of the discussion.

Now, understand that as a libertarian, I believe that this organization has the right to hold their protest outside of Ted Cruz’s home so long as they don’t violate any property laws–in other words, they do this on public land and don’t prohibit others being able to access that land.


However, let’s also understand that just because they can do something, it doesn’t mean they should.

I’m not comfortable with this idea of harassing lawmakers at their homes and in their personal lives, and that’s precisely what this is all about.

No one in their right mind thinks this is going to change Cruz’s mind. They don’t really expect him to look at the buses, think about the protest, and suddenly push for gun control.

What this is really about is intimidation. They want to try and make it impossible for pro-gun lawmakers to live their lives in peace. They want to make it difficult for anyone to support the Second Amendment and since they can’t convince people to support gun control, they’re trying “protests” like this.

Imagine, though, if gun rights activists showed up outside of Sen. Chris Murphy’s house in Connecticut. The headlines would go nuts. Hell, remember how anti-lockdown activists were treated? They did nothing illegal either, but everyone lost their damn minds.

While I didn’t support the open-carry component of those protests–I felt it was an unnecessary distraction–they were still obeying the law and on public property. They weren’t even protesting outside anyone’s home, and yet the media screamed about intimidation.


Yet this gets a slide from them. This doesn’t even get mentioned.

If you had any doubts about the media’s biases, this should answer those quite well.

These guys and protest all they want, but they should get used to the idea that no one is going to fold because of this nonsense.

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