China's state-run media still obsessed with Second Amendment

AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein, File

The country of China is an amazing place with a rich cultural heritage.

They also have a totalitarian regime that runs the country and any media outlets based there. As such, every Chinese media outlet is little more than a mouthpiece for Beijing, even if westerners are doing the writing.


And yes, some apparently actually do precisely that. Take this anti-Second Amendment piece from China written by someone named, “Belinda Robinson.”

A recent spate of deadly mass shootings across the United States has put the spotlight on lawmakers’ ability to enact meaningful gun reform and the ways in which the Second Amendment of the Constitution written in the 18th century shape today’s gun laws.

The Second Amendment gives all Americans the “right … to keep and bear Arms”, a view widely supported by the gun lobby and Republican politicians. However, those in favor of tighter gun control disagree with the way the law is currently being interpreted by the Supreme Court.

Carl T. Bogus, a law professor at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, told China Daily: “Throughout American history, federal courts — including the United States Supreme Court — consistently held that the Second Amendment only pertains to guns in the militia, which today is the National Guard and part of the Armed Services. That made sense because the Second Amendment expressly refers to the militia.


And yes, his name is actually Bogus.

Of course, Bogus makes an old, tired argument that makes absolutely no sense on the face of things. Why would the government need an amendment to protect the government’s ability to have guns? Further, he fails to address just why is says “the people’s right to keep and bear arms” if it’s really about the government.

Then again, Bogus is of the few people actually quoted in this piece.

I find it odd just how fascinated China is with Americans being able to exercise their Second Amendment right as well as just how invested they’ve become in trying to pressure us to give up that right.

It’s hilarious because guess what a lot of Chinese nationals do when they visit the United States? That’s right, they go shooting.

In other words, they come here for a taste of freedom, and that means hitting a range and burning through some ammo.

Who can blame them?

China, however, continues to pretend that our respect of individual rights like the right to keep and bear arms is somehow a human rights abuse, all in an effort to deflect from the literal concentration camps they’re maintaining in their own borders.


Plus, I can’t help but be concerned that they figure they’ll want to put troops on American soil at some point and would just as soon not have us shoot them.

If that’s the case, they should learn to deal with disappointment because there are legions of gun owners who live for the day they can shoot foreign invaders who think they can set foot in our country and try to take it for themselves.

No amount of op-eds in China’s mouthpiece media is going to change that, either.

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