California man arrested for "ghost gun" parts

California man arrested for "ghost gun" parts
AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File

In California, they have tons of gun control. Proponents of such measures argue that they work; that it actually does stop criminals from obtaining firearms.

And they think not only do older gun laws work but so do bans on so-called ghost guns.

They’ll swear to you that all of these laws accomplish what they said they would.

And yet, you end up with situations like this.

The criminal case is growing against a Salinas man accused of illegally possessing nearly 50 firearms and the components to make dozens more.

Russel Carter was arrested Friday morning after deputies and detectives with the Monterey County sheriff’s office raided his north Salinas home and hauled away the firearms that included assault rifles and machine guns. Detectives said they also confiscated five live grenades and other bomb-making materials.

“He had the capacity to make a lot more weapons with the parts that he had our detectives are still processing the evidence they collected in that,” said Derrell Simpson, spokesman for the Monterey County sheriff’s department.

Investigators say Carter had the parts and components to make dozens of more illegal firearms, many of them ghost guns. Deputies also say they found guns and ammunition capable of piercing police body armor. Detectives also allegedly found high-capacity gun magazines, some of which had to capability to hold 100 rounds.

“We also suspect that he was quite possibly distributing those weapons so they were going to go into the hands of other people that shouldn’t have that kind of firepower,” said Simpson.

Nah, that can’t be.

Gun control works, after all, right? If that’s true, then just how did he end up with the ability to have all those components in violation of California state law?

Or, could it be that criminals don’t follow the law?

I mean, we’re talking about this guy who had all kinds of things forbidden under state law, yet he still managed to get his hands on them in the first place. That’s something we’ve been repeatedly told simply cannot happen.

Of course, we also knew it was BS the whole time they were trying to tell us that.

The truth is that those who want to obtain these guns or components will. You’re not going to stop them from doing so. That means armed criminals who will circumvent whatever law you put in place.

Now, criminals breaking the law isn’t grounds for not passing it, but the fact that the law then puts law-abiding citizens at a tactical disadvantage against their potential attacks is grounds for not passing such measures.

You’re not going to stop the bad guys. They’ll build ghost guns if they want them. They’ll sell them to whoever they want as well.

So-called ghost guns won’t vanish because a law got passed. They’ll vanish when there’s no demand for them anymore. That’s literally the only way.

And, to be frank, that demand is never going away, particularly among criminals.

California needs to learn that lesson. Then again, so do the rest of the gun-grabbing states.