Rep Dan Bishop: Democrats plan to ignore SCOTUS

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The Supreme Court has ruled several times over the years regarding the Second Amendment. While right now, Bruen is getting a lot of attention, the Heller decision was the first in ages and was the decision where SCOTUS laid down the fact that the Second Amendment is an individual right, among other things.


And the Supreme Court is the highest court in the land. If they say something is unconstitutional, it’s to be considered unconstitutional by all the lower courts as well, though that doesn’t always work out as well as it should.

Rep. Dan Bishop, a Republican, is taking issue with his colleagues pushing an assault weapon ban are clearly ignoring SCOTUS.

House Judiciary Committee member Dan Bishop reacted to a hearing on gun control on “The Ingraham Angle” and speculated on how strict legislation could really become.

REP. DAN BISHOP: You know very well that the Heller decision held in 2008, the Supreme Court’s decision that weapons that are in common use can’t be banned under the Second Amendment. People have a right to keep them and bear them for self-defense. But that’s what Jerry [Nadler] said. They marked up the bill to ban weapons, the AR-15s and the like, ammunition magazines of which there are tens of millions in the United States, and they’re just going to defy the United States Supreme Court. That’s what they’ve made clear.

And, he’s right.

As Cam noted on Wednesday in a post about David Hogg’s ejection from the House hearings, there are around 24 million modern sporting rifles in circulation according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. When you consider the 330 million people population of the United States, it’s impossible to argue that 24 million weapons in circulation don’t constitute “in common use.”

Yet, as I’ve pointed out, they’re also ignoring Bruen.


Frankly, at this point, it’s clear that congressional Democrats aren’t willing to hear anything SCOTUS has had to say on the subject of the Second Amendment, which seems to strike me as incredibly stupid.

I mean, do they not think this would get challenged if it were passed? If it is, where do they think this one is going to end up? They can’t actually expect it to survive, now can they?

Of course, we know they want to pack the court in a blatant attempt to flip it the other direction, but since they won’t get that passed either, the only thing they’re really doing is trying to flex for some idiotic reason.

They don’t value SCOTUS unless it issues findings that they approve of. That’s the only thing that matters to them and we all know it.

So now, as Bishop noted, they’re going to ignore the Court in hopes that…well, who knows what they’re thinking, because no amount of actual thinking would tell them this will somehow work out well for them.

Then again, if they were capable of really thinking, it’s unlikely they’d hold most of the positions they currently hold. The fact that they do really tells us all we need to know.

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