Boebert: Gun rights are women's rights

AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack

Rep. Lauren Boebert hasn’t exactly gone out of her way to ingratiate herself to the left since she was first elected to office. In fact, in an era when someone like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can say absolutely ridiculous things and be taken seriously, Boebert has served as a return volley, a firebrand who will also say what’s on her mind, only it’s not vapid nonsense.


In an appearance on Hannity, the Colorado Republican offered some thoughts on gun rights.

According to the Colorado freshman Republican lawmaker, gun rights were women’s rights.

“[T]he Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting,” she said. “And it certainly doesn’t have to do with anything with deers having Kevlar vests. It’s actually an equalizer. Gun rights are women’s rights. And I need an equalizer to defend myself against a larger potential aggressor. That’s why most people carry. So they have a way to defend themselves. And we have the Second Amendment to protect us from a tyrannical government. But this is important to me because I’m a mom of four boys. And I need a way to protect them, to defend our lives. And that is what this is all about.”

The truth is, she’s right. Gun rights are women’s rights. They’re men’s rights. They’re black rights and white rights and Hispanic rights and Asian rights.

More simply put, gun rights are human rights.

Every tyrannical government on Earth has strict gun control policies in place. They have to. You cannot oppress people who can meaningfully resist that oppression. So, they make sure they have all the guns before they really cross the line.


Now, I get that some will claim there are plenty of free nations that also possess gun control, and sure, that can certainly be the case to some degree. However, if they oppress one right–gun rights–they’ll eventually oppress others.

Boebert is absolutely right about why the Second Amendment exists, and yet, they’re women’s rights. They’re everyone’s rights, and they’re a right we should all be rallying to protect because our Founding Fathers knew that oppression can only flourish in an unarmed society.

Then again, the same people pushing this also want to refuse to enforce basic laws like theft, want to defund law enforcement, and want to take your guns away.

Because that makes perfect sense…if you’re more interested in appeasing the criminals than protecting human lives.

Meanwhile, they’ll try and pretend they’re really the ones who care, that they’re the ones who are trying to save people.

The kicker is, at least some of them actually think they are.


They’re not. Our basic human rights have to be respected, which includes our right to keep and bear arms so we can defend ourselves against tyranny, even tyranny of the thug. You cannot take that away and protect innocent lives. After all, criminals have already shown us that they’ll find a way to get guns.

So Boebert is right, and while a lot of people don’t want to listen to her, they really should suck it up and learn a thing or two.

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