Idiot crooks use stolen credit cards to buy guns online

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For ages, we’ve heard all about how you can buy guns online. Anti-gun politicians try and make it sound as simple as placing an order on Amazon, and maybe they actually believe that to be the case.


We know there’s more involved than that.

Which brings me to what some Mensa candidates in Tennessee tried.

Three people are behind bars after police say they used stolen credit cards to order guns online.

Police say on July 29, a man reported that someone used his credit card to buy five guns online. The victim was charged $2,597. Another victim also told police that someone used her credit card to buy a firearm online. She was charged $2,066.

The guns were to be picked up at Wilco Tactical in Arlington.

I can’t help but wonder if they heard they could buy guns online and then hatched this scheme, only directing for them to be shipped to an FFL because they couldn’t be shipped to a home address.

And apparently, they didn’t think about how the victim might figure out that something happened with their credit card, which would in turn result in a pretty easy-to-follow paper trail.

Like I said, Mensa candidates.

To top it off, the brainiac in charge of this disaster recruited someone else to actually pick the weapons up because he wasn’t 21 yet.

Yeah, let that sink in for a bit.

Honestly, there was no chance these guys weren’t getting arrested. None at all. At every point in this, they did nothing but hand over information that will help put them in prison.

The only thing they could have done to make it easier was to call the cops, confess to what they were doing, then put up a neon sign to point officers to where they were at any given moment.


And while some would argue that this is evidence we need more gun control, the truth of the matter is that this was a case of theft, plain and simple. There was always going to be a paper trail that would make the arrest about as easy as it could be.

I also suspect that, once made aware of the theft, the website and the FFL holder were more than cooperative. While they might not want to share info on gun owners as a matter of course, people involved in credit card fraud as a way to buy guns is a very different matter

It looks like these three individuals will be spending time in one of Tennessee’s finest correctional facilities for a number of years, as they should.

Maybe while they’re in, they can get tested to see just how stupid they really are.

Thank God for stupid criminals, because it makes the job of law enforcement so much easier. May they all be so stupid as to try and buy guns online with stolen credit cards but their actual IDs. It’s a glorious thing to see what happens when we put warning labels on everything, now isn’t it?

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