Senate grills 6th Circuit nominee over gun control work

(AP Photo/Alan Diaz, File)

Judicial nominees need to be closely vetted. We need to know where they stand on various issues because it often colors their interpretations of various precedents. Like, for example, if one is a staunch supporter of gun control, they may be more inclined to play games with the Bruen decision than one without such feelings.

It’s the Senate’s job to question these things as part of the confirmation process.

Now, one of President Joe Biden’s nominees is getting jammed up a bit over her history of gun control work.

Rachel Bloomekatz, nominated to fill a seat on the Sixth Circuit, received a tie vote from the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday after Republicans condemned the nominee for her work on gun control and pro bono cases.

Bloomekatz works in private practice at a Columbus, Ohio-based firm she founded, and she previously worked in private practice and as an assistant attorney general in Boston. She also recently worked as state counsel for the Ohio branch of the Biden-Harris campaign.

She faced Republican blowback during her confirmation hearing back in June, with GOP lawmakers criticizing her work as a co-counsel alongside Everytown for Gun Safety in several cases.

Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana pushed for Bloomekatz to voice whether she supported Everytown’s political stances, including a proposed ban on assault weapons.

“I believe, senator, that, as a nominee to the federal bench, it would be inappropriate to express personal opinions,” Bloomekatz told Kennedy, before he interrupted her explanation.

“I don’t want you not to have personal beliefs and values. If you haven’t thought about this, you aren’t qualified for the bench,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy makes a valid point, of course.

A better response might have been something along the lines of, “While I personally think these weapons are too dangerous, my job as a federal judge would be to follow the precedents set down by the Supreme Court. Based on my reading of the Bruen decision, such bans do not appear to be constitutional and thus I’d have to strike down such a law.”

Not that Bloomekatz would say such a thing.

You see, we know what her personal opinions are. Pro-gun attorneys, for example, don’t work with Everytown for Gun Safety and gun control-supporting lawyers don’t work with the NRA. So, we know where Bloomekatz stands on the issue of guns.

In fact, it’s so obvious there was no reason to decline to answer the question.

She did, though, and that’s likely because she knew it would lead to questions about how she would handle Second Amendment cases.

The problem is that we all know how that would go.

But it’s not just Bloomekatz who represents a problem. It’s the entire Biden administration, which is doing whatever it can to force gun control onto the American people, regardless of what the Supreme Court has ruled.

Getting potentially anti-gun activist judges on the federal bench is just part of the process. It’s a way to keep gun control laws in place for as long as possible, probably in hopes that enough justices will die while Democrats are in office to shift the Court to the left.

Either that or they finally try to pack the Court, if not both.

However, the window for such things is closing and they simply don’t have the votes in the Senate to make that happen, so they need gun control judges on federal benches now in hopes of buying an opportunity in the future.

Bloomekatz is just one of those being used in that effort.

So here’s hoping the Senate continues to hold up her nomination and the nomination of any other blatantly anti-gun judge.