Fried fires back at Biden's DOJ over medical marijuana

(AP Photo/John Raoux)

I never thought I’d write so much about marijuana at a Second Amendment site, but it’s become a bit of a thing. At the center is Florida Ag Commissioner Nikki Fried.


Now, Fried isn’t pro-gun by any stretch of the imagination. However, she’s very pro-pot, and part of that effort means trying to do something about how federal law forbids gun ownership among medical marijuana patients.

Earlier this week, President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice had some harsh things to say about those patients.

Fried fired back.

The Justice Department’s characterization of medical marijuana patients as uniquely dangerous and unfit to possess firearms in its new response to a lawsuit exposed an “insulting” and antiquated perspective, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried told Marijuana Moment on Tuesday.

“I find it very insulting,” Fried said of the DOJ’s response. “You’re calling patients that have cancer that are using medical marijuana dangerous. You’re telling veterans who are using medical marijuana [that they’re] dangerous. I think that they missed the ball here—and it’s very disconcerting that this is the direction that they took.”

“There’s so many of us for years—for decades—who have been fighting against this stereotype of marijuana users,” the commissioner, who is running in a Democratic gubernatorial primary for a chance to challenge incumbent Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) in November, said. “To see the Department of Justice put it down in a 40-page memo defending their motion to dismiss is very disappointing.”


Of course, the DOJ also defended the motion by citing laws allowing discrimination against certain people on the basis of race and religion, so maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised they’d look at medical marijuana patients in a similar way.

Look, gun rights are rights. As a nation, they’re supposed to be sacrosanct. You don’t remove rights from someone without due process of law.

This ain’t due process.

But then again, the Biden administration is so vehemently anti-gun that they’ll do whatever they can to reduce the number of lawful gun owners anyway they can. I can’t help but suspect this is part of that effort, rather than the result of any deeply held beliefs or even evidence regarding marijuana.

Nikki Fried isn’t a fan of guns either, but I have to give her credit for at least standing up for the right of medical marijuana patients to be able to exercise all of their rights.

As for the danger posed by these patients, historically, potheads are more of a danger to the snack aisle of a convenience store than they are to the public as a whole. Drunk people are far more violent, by and large than those who have engaged in marijuana.


But there’s no push to prohibit gun ownership among those who consume alcohol, now is there?

Well, not yet, anyway. Based on what we’re seeing from the Biden administration, that’s next.

I disagree with Fried on almost everything, but on this one issue, she’s on the side of the angels and I applaud her for making this stand. Yeah, it’s probably a political stunt, but I honestly don’t care. It’s the right stunt, even if it’s for the wrong reasons.

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