Utah teacher explains why he carries in class

Earlier this week, Cam wrote about a college professor who explained why she wouldn’t carry a gun in her classroom. Now, understand that she has that right. No one should be forced to exercise a right. After all, then it’s no longer a right but an obligation or duty.


However, she doesn’t speak for teachers everywhere.

In fact, one Utah teacher is speaking out as to why he carries in the classroom.

As politicians continue to feud and trade blame over who and what is responsible for school shootings, teachers like Jason Winder, of Utah, have decided to carry guns in their classrooms in case anything were to happen at their school.

“When it comes down to it, even if a school has a resource officer, if they’re in a different part of the school, different part of campus, it could be minutes before that resource officer shows up,” Winder said.

“That could be the difference, unfortunately, between a massive tragedy happening,” Winder said. “I just like having the opportunity to make that decision for myself and my students.”

Winder said he does not think all teachers should be armed, but he did say it’s a “tool” for teachers to use to protect their students.

“I don’t know anyone who is promoting arming all teachers; it should definitely be a choice,” Winder said. “I hope that teachers get to have the choice. In Utah, it’s a very Second Amendment-friendly state, and we get to have that choice.”

Exactly. Teachers should have that option available to them.

However, many have taken that to mean all teachers should be forced to carry. That’s what literally no one is saying about it.

Yet it’s easier to sell opposition if it sounds like they’ll be required to be armed.

As for Winder, I agree with everything he says here. School resource officers are great, but as we saw in Parkland, they’re not always going to save the day when needed. When seconds count, help is just minutes away…if not more.


Allowing teachers to decide for themselves means they can be proactive about not just their safety but the safety of the students in their charge.

Look, I’m not delusional. I don’t think teachers are universally altruistic souls who would gladly die for their students. Many will and many have, but many others won’t.

That’s why it needs to be up to the individual teachers.

However, current law in many states absolutely forbids this option. No one can lawfully carry, meaning everyone is at the mercy of the least virtuous among us. That’s not a good feeling when you think about it. Counting on the scruples of those who want you dead isn’t exactly a winning strategy for a long and happy life.

If a professor doesn’t want to carry, she shouldn’t have to. No one should make her.

But she also should get to decide what others get to do, either. Her opinions apply to her and no one else.

Jason Winder wants to carry. The law in Utah allows him to.

Maybe that’s why we don’t hear about a bunch of mass shootings in Utah schools.

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