CNN puff piece ignores why Gun Violence Archive is prominent

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The mainstream media loves to quote Gun Violence Archive when citing statistics, particularly with regard to the number of mass shootings that take place every year.


Over and over again, we hear reports of hundreds of mass shootings taking place, which doesn’t actually reconcile with anyone’s memory. Are we really that oblivious to what’s taking place? Are mass shootings now so common that we don’t even hear about them?

Well, that’s certainly how the information is presented.

Now, CNN has published what amounts to a puff piece about Gun Violence Archive, titled, “How a tiny nonprofit with no full-time employees became the foremost tracker of gun violence in America.”

In the Supreme Court decision overturning a New York gun law, the three liberal justices opened their dissent by citing data from two of the leading researchers of gun violence in America.

The first was the CDC. The second was the Gun Violence Archive.

“Since the start of this year (2022), there have been 277 reported mass shootings — an average of more than one per day. See Gun Violence Archive,” Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in June in the opening paragraph.

The dissent was just the latest example of the growing influence of the Gun Violence Archive, a tiny nonprofit that has for less than a decade attempted to log every single incident of gun violence in the US in real time. The organization has been cited by the Supreme Court, policymakers and media outlets like CNN primarily for its ongoing tally of mass shootings, which it defines as any incident in which four people are shot, excluding the shooter.


And yet, it’s that definition that is why Gun Violence Archive has gained that prominence.

You see, CNN will cite the definition, much as most media outlets do, but they are never critical of that definition.

You see, it’s a very broad definition meant to include as many shootings as humanly possible, all in an effort to push a political agenda. it equates gang shootouts with Uvalde, something most people never think about while looking at the numbers. It was founded not to compile data, but ultimately to “force people to confront the scope of America’s gun violence.”

From that original vision, things grew and such, but we cannot forget that desire. It’s important as it betrays the inherent bias within the organization itself. It’s not a bunch of math nerds or policy wonks simply looking for more timely data. It’s an activist organization trying to manipulate data to create political change.

CNN asks why the organization has risen in prominence, but it’s because organizations like CNN never look at Gun Violence Archive critically. If Bearing Arms created a tracker and used the exact same data but classified mass shootings differently, our motives would be questioned severely.


Yet Gun Violence Archives doesn’t get that.

They use their overbroad definition and the media and left-leaning officials run with it. They’re given the veneer of unbiased data aggregators when they’re nothing of the sort.

Their prominence is solely because the mainstream media shares their desire to paint the Second Amendment as some kind of problem that needs to be eradicated.

Somehow, that didn’t make it in CNN’s piece.

Imagine my shock.

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