Fed Ex driver allegedly stole guns from packages

People steal guns. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. After all, people shouldn’t steal anything, yet they do, and guns are in high demand among a…well, let’s call it a certain class of individual.


You know, criminals.

Plus, firearms aren’t inexpensive, making them attractive all on their own.

Regardless, some people have to be trusted with transporting firearms. That means outfits like the postal service, Fed Ex or UPS.

Unfortunately, some of those outfits have untrustworthy people among their ranks, like this alleged winner.

An ex-FedEx driver from Middleboro has been charged in federal court for allegedly stealing packages containing firearms and then selling the guns.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said 39-year-old Frank O’Toole faces one count of possession of a stolen firearm following his Aug. 12 arrest.

He was caught after allegedly stealing three packages he was responsible for delivering while working as a FedEx delivery truck driver out of the Raynham FedEx facility.

O’Toole then allegedly sold the three guns to an undercover agent in two separate controlled purchases on Aug. 9 and Aug. 12.

Honestly, how did he think he was going to get away with it?

I mean, a single gun missing might be something he could have gotten away with, but even that isn’t likely. After all, tracking numbers are things that exist. They tell you exactly where the package is in the transportation process. Sometimes, you can even see where the truck in question is at a given moment.

How could he think they wouldn’t have known this was on his truck?

One time, maybe, they could have chalked it up to some kind of mistake or a glitch, but after that? There’s no way they wouldn’t ask questions, particularly about a firearm shipment.


Then, of course, he managed to try and sell them to an undercover ATF agent.

In this case, that’s the good news. While I’ve been hard on the ATF recently, with good reason, this is what they’re actually supposed to be focused on.

O’Toole stands accused of stealing firearms and trying to sell them for a profit. He sought to deprive the lawful owners–in this case, likely a dealer–of their property and provide it for criminals to use. That’s what the ATF is supposed to stop.

In this case, thankfully, they did.

But let’s also be honest here, the alleged thief all but made the case for them.

I mean, how does he not know that they’ll figure out he’s the one who stole the guns? How will they not know that guns that get on his truck have a higher chance of getting lost in transit than those on the trucks of his co-workers?

Stupid criminals are a gift to law enforcement, that’s for sure, and if O’Toole did what he is accused of, he might need to be listed in the pantheon of dumbest of the dumb crooks for this.

Stolen guns are bad, but the least we should do is mock those who are exceptionally stupid about how they go about stealing them, don’t you think?

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