Three charged after shooting airsoft guns at folks

Three charged after shooting airsoft guns at folks
(AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

Airsoft guns are built to look pretty realistic. Since they can be used for training or for military simulation games, that makes perfect sense. They kind of need some degree of realism or else they’re kind of useless for those purposes.


But because they’re realistic in appearance, some people do some stupid things with them.

You know, stuff like…oh, I don’t know…shooting them at people.

Acworth police have arrested three people accused of shooting airsoft guns at innocent bystanders

In a police narrative, an officer with the Acworth Police Department says on Aug. 23 at around 10:30 p.m., they were called to the area near Logan Farm Park after reports of a group driving around shooting people with airsoft guns.

Officers arrested Arrianna McCard, Dalton Henderson, and an unidentified 16-year-old boy shortly after when they were found in a car that matched the victims’ description.

Look, the truth of the matter here is that these three aren’t unlucky to be charged. They’re lucky to be alive.

This took place in Acworth, Georgia.

This is the same state that just passed constitutional carry earlier this year and has a long history of laws friendly to self-defense.

If these three had pointed their airsoft guns at the wrong person, they could have ended up very, very dead. After all, if you point something like that at me, I’m not going to break out the calipers to see what the bore diameter is before I respond. Like the lady once said, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Instead, I’m drawing my weapon and shooting.

As a result, any of these three could have been killed, shattering their families and the life of someone who truly believed their life was in danger.


And don’t tell me about the orange tips. I’ve seen too many guns painted like toys to feel confident trusting that to be an indicator.

Now, I don’t want to see airsoft guns restricted. I know how people use them and I actually want to encourage people to use them just that way. Training or sport, it doesn’t matter to me.

Yet it will only take a handful of dipsticks like these three to do this kind of thing and get their butts shot before even Georgia looks at restricting airsoft guns. Does anyone really want this?

So how does this happen?

Most likely, a trio of brain-dead kids figures it’s just a toy, so there’s no harm in creating a bit of mischief. They don’t realize that not only is it illegal, but that they could be shot in self-defense for what they think is a harmless bit of fun.

Yet that ignorance can kill them.

Parents, even if you’re not a gun person, please teach your kids not to do stuff like this and just how dangerous it can be. Yes, I know they won’t necessarily listen, but pointing out that they could get shot and the other person get away with it might be enough to dissuade at least some.

Luckily, this story didn’t turn out that way. The problem is that it could have.

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