Beto making gun control promises he can't keep

Beto making gun control promises he can't keep
AP Photo/LM Otero

Beto O’Rourke really wants to be elected to some kind of high office. The former member of the House got his butt handed to him by Ted Cruz when he ran for Senate, but liberals got him to believe he had a shot at the White House, so he ran for that two.

After two instances of crashing and burning, he decided he’d go for governor of Texas. This after basically dedicating his entire being to gun control.

In Texas.

Recently, Beto promised that he’d take action on guns during a campaign stop.

Beto O’Rourke, in a rare appearance late Tuesday with six other Democratic statewide candidates in the Nov. 8 election, continued his campaign theme of hammering Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on issues ranging from health care to abortion, but his most emotional moments on an outdoor stage in Austin were reserved for Uvalde.

About one-third of the way into his standard 25-minute stump speech road-tested during his just-concluded 49-day drive across Texas, O’Rourke paused to introduce Manuel and Julissa Rizo, the aunt and uncle and godparents of 9-yearold Jackie Cazares, the last of the 19 children gunned down May 24 inside Robb Elementary to be buried.

The couple made the trip to Austin 15 weeks to the day after the worse school shooting in Texas history to attend what for the most part was a raucous rally outside the Long Center for the Performing Arts, one mile south of the Capitol.

“Manuel and Julissa are not here to cheer on a Democrat or to be here for a certain person for a certain office,” O’Rourke said as the crowd’s cheer faded to a hush. “They are here for her (Jackie’s) memory to take the action necessary to ensure that no other family has to go through what they’ve been through.”

O’Rourke can promise them that he’ll take that action, but he won’t be able to keep it.

Beto still trails in the polls, currently a seven-point underdog according to RealClearPolitics. And that’s just an average, so the actual difference may be even more significant.

So he’s making promises he simply won’t be able to keep.

However, that’s probably a good thing. While my heart goes out to Jackie Cazares’s family, the truth is that Beto is trying to sell them and everyone else snake oil. Gun control doesn’t work and doesn’t stop mass shootings. It never has and it never will.

Beto likely knows this. However, he figures he can sell this to the gullible and so long as he follows through, he can always claim any failures are the result of not having been able to do enough.

And that’s if he gets elected, which is a long shot, to say the least, and always has been.

Yet even if he does, he still has to deal with a legislature that isn’t going to be interested in what he’s peddled to the masses. He can try and push gun control down people’s throats, but even the governor doesn’t have that kind of authority in a given state.

Especially a pro-gun state like Texas.

Not that it will matter after November. What Beto will be focusing on then is what race to run for next so he can pretend he still has some kind of relevance.