Anti-gun lawmaker has her guns stolen

Anti-gun lawmaker has her guns stolen
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File

A lot of anti-gun folks have a few firearms of their own. It’s often not so much that they don’t want anyone to own guns, they just don’t want you to own any.

They trust themselves with firearms all day long, but you’re not someone they can extend that trust to, so you must be stopped.

Rep. Karen Bass, a California Democrat who is now running for mayor of Los Angeles, is one of those kinds of people, apparently.

While in Congress, she’s backed a number of gun control measures. Meanwhile, she can’t even control her own firearms.

Karen Bass is a U.S. Congresswoman who is currently running for office as the Mayor of Los Angeles. She is a hardcore leftist, so much so that she called a prominent Communist Party USA member, not just a friend, but also a mentor. She is consistently in favor of gun control measures. And on Saturday, she announced that someone broke into her home and stole two of her guns:

Candidate for Los Angeles mayor and U.S. Rep. Karen Bass says her home was burglarized overnight.

Bass said Saturday afternoon that her home had been broken into late Friday evening and two firearms were stolen, “despite being safely and securely stored.”

I have no problem whatsoever with Bass possessing firearms. While I disagree with her politically, she’s a law-abiding citizen, and I believe this would be a safer, more polite country if every law-abiding citizen-owned firearms.

The problem I have with Bass is that she, like everyone else in the Democrat party, doesn’t think you ought to own firearms. There are no gun control laws, whether nationally or in her home state of California, that she doesn’t support. Here’s a list of gun control initiatives Bass supports (culled from hereherehere):

I won’t go into everything Bass backs, of course, but it’s the usual stuff.

Interestingly enough, what’s not apparently on the list is mandatory storage.

That’s interesting because if Bass stored her firearms properly, they wouldn’t have been as likely to be stolen.

However, there’s also a lesson here for Bass and her anti-gun buddies. That lesson is just how criminals obtain guns.

Oh, sure, if you take away NICS checks and 4473s and all that jazz, they’d likely buy them in gun stores, but their inability to do so doesn’t actually dissuade them from getting firearms.

Bass unwittingly provided two such firearms to the criminal underground. Those guns are likely to be sold–assuming they haven’t already–to those who have the money, likely those who intend to use those to support some criminal endeavor.

In time, they might be recovered and returned.

Alternatively, they might be used in homicides and locked in a police evidence room.

Yet at no point did any law on the books stop these criminals. A universal background check, which Bass supports, wouldn’t have stopped them since it was theft–something that’s been illegal pretty much since the beginnings of personal property–nor would the assault weapon ban she supports.

She also wants all gun sales reported to the government, but how will that work with her stolen guns? Does she really think the thieves will tell anyone they sold those firearms?

Obviously not.

Look, Bass has a right to keep and bear arms, same as the rest of us. However, she’s now the victim of a crime that is also how the lion’s share of firearms end up in criminal hands. One might hope Bass has learned a valuable lesson and might start focusing her efforts on the very people who have made her a victim.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.