Plenty of examples show Second Amendment not about deer wearing kevlar

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Deer hunting is an age-old pastime here in the United States. While it was restricted to just the nobility in Europe at times in the past, that’s never been the case here. Hunting is a vital part of American history.


Yet that isn’t why the Second Amendment exists. The opening clause of the amendment, one anti-gunners love to cite as evidence gun control is allowed, makes mention of the militia, but no deer.

That hasn’t stopped many, including President Joe Biden, from making quips about deer hunting while trying to justify various bits of gun control.

Over at The Washington Examiner, Amy Swearer and Holden Edwards have thoughts on that.

President Joe Biden’s most recent speech on gun control showed, once again, that he has little respect for gun owners or the Second Amendment. Consider, for example, where Biden mocked ( and not for the first time ) gun owners as being afraid of “deer in Kevlar vests” simply because they want to defend themselves and their families with the same guns that law enforcement officers use to protect the president and his family.

It was just one unserious moment among many in a completely unserious speech in which Biden also reminded gun owners that they should just comply with gun control because, after all, he could just carpet-bomb them into submission.

Unfortunately, the president never will be able to talk seriously about the Second Amendment until he understands one fundamental reality about the right to keep and bear arms — it is not about hunting or sport shooting.

It’s about the natural right of self-defense, ensuring that individuals and communities have the practical means to forcibly resist those who would infringe on their other inalienable rights — whether that infringement comes from a criminal, tyrannical government, or an invading army.


The pair go on to note that guns are used defensively hundreds of thousands of times a year, at a minimum, including the most recent comprehensive study that found 1.6 million defensive gun uses each year.

They also go on to cite 11 examples of defensive gun uses; cases where someone or several people’s lives were saved by armed citizens.

None were being threatened by deer.

Look, if you want to sell gun control to people who actively oppose it, I’m going to give you a little hint. You don’t belittle their concerns or pretend that the Second Amendment is about hunting. We’ve seen through that little line of BS a long time ago.

Being able to hunt deer is important, sure, but our Founding Fathers weren’t overly worried about that. They knew damn good and well that our rights needed to be protected well before it got to the point of hunting being threatened, which is why the Second Amendment exists.

The only hunting they were worried about was our ability to hunt tyrants and invaders.

But beyond that, they wanted no law-abiding citizen to be forced into having to give in to the demands of criminals. That’s something that no one should want, yet that’s also the inevitable endgame of gun control.

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