16 shot over 16 hours in gun-controlled New York City

Image by smaus from Pixabay

Following the Bruen decision, the state of New York rushed to enact new gun control laws that sorta looked almost like they were trying to comply with the Court’s ruling.


At least, it’s almost sorta if you’re drunk and don’t have your glasses or something.

Anyway, New York City jumped on board and used the law to restrict guns pretty much everywhere they thought they could get away with it.

The new measures, we were told, were necessary to prevent bloodshed on the streets of the Big Apple.

Clearly, they’re working beautifully.

At least 16 people were shot Tuesday into Wednesday in Democrat-run New York City despite the passage of new gun controls, which include the establishment of gun-free zones through the city.

The New York Post reports that the shootings occurred during a 16-hour time frame which ended at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, when the sixteenth victim was shot and wounded.

That sixteenth victim was a 42-year-old man who was standing “on Tiebout Avenue near East 182nd Street in Fordham Heights…when he was slashed in the face and shot in the back by two gunmen who took off on a dark-colored scooter.”

The Post notes that “gunfire broke out in every borough” during the 16-hour time-frame.

Raise your hand if you saw this coming.

**looks around**

Damn, that’s a lot of hands.

Of course, we kind of all had to know it would come down to something like this. For all of Gov. Kathy Hochul’s bluster about how this simply had to be done and Mayor Eric Adams saying pretty much the same thing, no amount of rhetoric can change the fact that criminals don’t follow such laws.


While more people can carry a firearm in New York City, the reality is that because the laws are what they are now, it a carry permit might as well not exist for all the good it will do someone.

But the criminals are still running and gunning all throughout New York City and pretty much anywhere else in the state they want to.

So, as per usual, the laws in question only inhibit the law-abiding citizens and do nothing to reduce crime. In fact, I’d argue that crime would be dropping there right now had Hochul just done nothing. Of course, that’s mostly speculation and I could well be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

At least then, crooks would have to wonder if the person they’re targeting is lawfully armed or not rather than knowing that the odds are good that they’re not.

Gun control doesn’t save lives. It costs them.

It damn sure didn’t do anything to stop at least 16 shootings in New York City in a 16-hour period. That’s a lot for any city of any size and, if it continued at that rate long enough, you’d be looking at 730 shootings per month.

And if that’s the best gun control can give you, then why is anyone wasting their time trying to push it in the first place?

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