NY murder suspects already being investigated for murder

NY murder suspects already being investigated for murder
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Those who would commit murder won’t hesitate to break literally any other law you care to name. If they do, it’s not out of a sense of desire to comply with the rules, it’s so they won’t draw attention after they’ve committed the crime.

That’s especially true when it comes to gun control laws. Those who would kill aren’t likely to worry about pesky things like what guns can be legally purchased in their state.

Yes, even someone already under investigation for murder.

A recent case should illustrate that.

The two men in custody in connection with the Poughkeepsie hotel shooting that killed a Marist College student’s relative Sunday are being investigated for a previous robbery and murder, three law enforcement sources with direct knowledge of the investigation said Monday.

The sources identified the two as Roy Johnson Jr. and Devin Taylor. Johnson is believed to be the Courtyard Marriott shooter, and was charged with murder; both men face criminal weapons charges. No details on that prior case were immediately available, but officials said each has at least one prior felony conviction.

Earlier, a senior law enforcement official said the suspected shooter had a Glock switch on his handgun that made it fully automatic. That gun, which took the life of an innocent bystander, sources said, is believed to have been found on the roof of his car, and a second weapon — an apparent ghost rifle — was discovered in the room both men shared.

It should be noted that “ghost guns” are illegal in New York and full-auto switches are as illegal everywhere.

Then again, so is murder. Funny how people willing to break the latter law don’t hesitate to break gun control laws, isn’t it?

Now, I do need to acknowledge that they say these two were being investigated for murder, not that they’d been arrested for it. Still, if they had a full-auto switch and a “ghost gun,” it’s safe to say they weren’t collecting for Hurricane Ian relief.

That’s not all they had, either.

A search warrant was being executed overnight and was expected to cover their vehicle, in which investigators believed there may have been Tannerite, which is used in long-range target practice and explodes upon impact, according to the senior law enforcement official.

It’s not clear why Tannerite may have been in the vehicle, or what they may have had to do with another firearm, flashbangs and materials “used to make explosives” that the official said had been found in their hotel room.

In other words, these were not people interested in following the law.

Why? Who knows. What we do know is that they’re now accused of yet another murder and knowing New York’s court system, they’re probably back on the streets already.

That just makes you wonder just how long it’ll take before these two allegedly kill someone else. At this rate, they make rack up serial killer status despite having been arrested after each murder.

Won’t that be fascinating on the Netflix special when it comes out a few years down the road?