Anti-gun group wants Milwaukee police to hurt gun makers

AP Photo/Brennan Linsley, File

I’ve talked a bit about the lawsuit between the Milwaukee police union and the city. The problem stems from the gun issued to police officers, one known to have a potential fault in earlier models of the firearm.


The union argues that the city should have been aware of the issue and not chosen that weapon for law enforcement.

It makes sense.

However, an anti-gun group is saying the police are suing the wrong party.

In a joint statement Monday, two grassroots organizations working to curb gun violence called on the police union to focus on the gun’s manufacturer rather than the city of Milwaukee.

“The police union has a right to be outraged that officers have been injured by these weapons, but they have failed to identify all the true culprits,” said the WAVE Educational Fund and Brady in their statement.

The groups said the SIG Sauer company, not the city, should be held responsible for the unreliable weapons and should be pressured to provide a remedy. “SIG Sauer likely does not feel an urgency to fix the problem or concern about being held accountable for producing a shoddy product, because of the actions of the next set of offenders: Congress and the gun lobby,” they said.

WAVE and Brady noted that when Congress created  the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 1972, the agency excluded the regulation of firearms after lobbying by the National Rifle Association (NRA). “That means firearms are virtually the only consumer products with no government agency having authority to provide oversight, set safety standards, or recall defective products,” the gun violence groups stated.


First, the fact that there’s no oversight from political appointees at the CPSC is a good thing. We can only imagine what kind of idiotic things they’d mandate.

Further, since 1972, we don’t exactly have a rash of unsafe products being brought to market.

The issue with the Sig P320 is real, but it should be noted that it also requires a strike to the gun in just the wrong place in order to fire. The P320 went through standard drop testing and passed. This wasn’t a case of Sig just not caring that their guns are unsafe.

However, this isn’t about whether or not P320s are safe or not.

No, what these groups are really trying to do is get the Milwaukee police officers to try and hurt a gun manufacturer simply because they make guns.

These two groups aren’t activists simply trying to make guns safer for consumers. They’re not interested in making sure the handguns we buy are as safe as possible so we don’t accidentally shoot ourselves. Oh no, they’re wanting this lawsuit to help bankrupt Sig Sauer.

See, these groups don’t want safer guns, they want no guns.

For them, firearms are a scourge that must be purged from our society. Sure, they’re fine with the police having them, but not you or I. So while they know the Milwaukee police with carry some kind of firearm, they’d rather they be the only ones.


Yet they can’t do it on their own, so they’re hoping to enlist the Milwaukee police to do it for them.

Look, the problems exist, but Milwaukee police officers are targeting the people who made the decision to issue that weapon, which makes sense. Others are suing Sig for building a gun that will reportedly fire without the trigger being pulled.

These groups should just do their own dirty work.

If they can, that is.

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