Arrests illustrate why gun control will never work

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Proponents of gun control generally believe that if you restrict gun sales enough, you’ll keep bad people from getting guns. In their minds, gun sales are why bad people get guns.


And, if you squint and try not to think about it, you might almost see their point. After all, just about every gun in criminal hands was, at one time, sold to someone.

The problem is that’s not what directly arms criminals. What does is shown pretty clearly through a recent arrest in Louisiana.

Six people ranging in age from 15-20 have been arrested in Many Louisiana for possession of over 100 stolen guns.

137 guns were recovered after they were stolen from 3 different gun safes in a home in Sabine Parish. Loads of ammunition and magazines were also stolen from these safes.

The Sabine Parish Sheriff is warning people around the area that if you got a good deal on a gun in the last few weeks, there is a possibility that it is stolen property.

Those are just from a single home, mind you.

Gun thefts are a huge problem, and they don’t just come from homes, either. They also hit gun stores with alarming regularity. A lot of gun stores.

See, criminals aren’t going to try and buy a gun unlawfully because they know they can’t. Most do, anyway, though some are morons and try anyway. Either way, though, with gun stores off the table, they turn to the streets.

Criminals tend to know other criminals. They know who to ask about guns, so they get a firearm from whatever source they can.

Or, they break into homes and pick up guns as they find them, then hold onto them as seemed to happen here.


Look, gun control is the preferred policy of a lot of people, but those people often are oblivious to the realities of crime and how criminals obtain guns in the first place. We know, however, that most aren’t through law-abiding gun stores or law-abiding citizens. It’s through stuff like this.

Yet that’s not going to stop them.

Let’s also note the ages of those arrested. None of them were old enough to buy a handgun with several unable to lawfully buy any firearm due to their age. Again, it didn’t matter because they didn’t buy them. They allegedly stole them, and thieves never worry about age limits of the goods they take.

I mean, how many people stole liquor from their parents back in high school? That was still theft, but did you being under 21 stop you? Obviously not.

In fact, the age limit may have been why you stole it in the first place.

So when you look at this case, it shows how gun control fails to prevent criminals from getting guns at just about every single level you care to name. All it does is get in the way of the rest of us, the people who don’t represent a problem with our guns and may actually stand as a solution instead.

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