Everytown set to drop $2.3 million in Michigan races

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

When the NRA spends money on a campaign, the gun control crowd talks all about how the group is buying legislators. Especially when big money is getting thrown around.


Yet Everytown for Gun Safety in America throws around a whole lot of cash as well. They do it and no one accuses those they spend to benefit of being bought and paid for. Well, except for me.

In fact, they’re about to drop a whole lot of money in Michigan.

Michael Bloomberg-affiliated Everytown for Gun Safety is launching a $2.3 million ad campaign highlighting Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon’s (R) opposition to gun controls that are in vogue in California.

The ads also target attorney general candidate Matt DePerno (R) for his opposition to more gun control.

On October 10, Everytown announced, “Today, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund announced a new $2.3 million paid media campaign in Michigan for the 2022 midterm elections. The effort will focus on mobilizing voters and calling out candidates beholden to the gun lobby — including Tudor Dixon and Matt DePerno — for their opposition to common-sense gun safety laws that makes all of us less safe. The ads will run on TV and across digital platforms in the Detroit media markets.”

The prime driver here is Dixon and DePerno’s opposition to both universal background checks and red flag laws.


Of course, as Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins notes, California has both laws, is listed by Everytown as number one for gun control, but is also listed by the FBI as number one for active shooter incidents.

Correlation doesn’t equal causation, of course, but if the laws worked as advertised, we’d expect to see the numbers look a little different.

In spending that much money to keep Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in office, Everytown is going to expect a return on that investment. There’s going to be pressure to make those gun control laws happen.

How is that any different than just outright buying a politician?

Oh, I get that it’s legal, but from a standpoint of function, there’s really not any difference. Everytown is, in essence, trying to buy lawmakers and push their anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment agenda down the throats of people in Michigan.

As to whether it’s necessary or not from their standpoint is interesting, too, because RealClearPolitics has Dixon with a healthy lead, while FiveThirtyEight gives a decent lead to Whitmer.


Yet Whitmer has been vehemently anti-gun since taking office. She just hasn’t been able to push through as much as she’d like. So Everytown is going to drop money and hopefully make Michigan as anti-gun as California.

Then, when the NRA scores a campaign victory somewhere, they’ll scream about how evil it is for money to be such a part of American politics.

Everytown is hypocritical with every fiber of its being in that regard. But since the media will give them a pass for spending millions upon millions for a statewide race, they’ll keep doing it then reveling in their hypocrisy.

If you’re in Michigan, you know what to do in November.

Spending money is one thing. Spending a lot of money in a race they still lose, though? That’s just glorious.

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