Despite lack of facts, Raleigh neighbors want gun control

AP Photo/Chris Seward

Last week’s shooting in Raleigh, North Carolina shook a lot of people. The neighborhood shooting wasn’t what most people normally think about when they think of a mass shooting, for example.


As of this writing, we still know very little about the incident, including what kind of weapon was used, how it was obtained, or much of anything about it.

Yet that lack of information isn’t stopping folks in the area from thinking gun control is necessary.

Police have not confirmed the model of the weapon that the teen was carrying or how it was obtained, but there is no minimum age to possess a shotgun or rifle in North Carolina.

It’s something Hedingham resident Isaac Hernandez finds troubling.

“There should be an age restriction like cigarettes or beer,” said Hernandez. “You can kill someone with the push of a button.”

You must be 18 to purchase a long gun from a dealer, but there are loopholes.

North Carolina is less restrictive than many other states, according to Sean Holihan with Giffords Law Center, a gun violence prevention group.

“North Carolina laws have to be updated to make sure children can’t access and possess these types of dangerous weapons,” said Holihan.

North Carolina does not currently have a law that requires unattended firearms to be locked or stored in a certain way. Firearms are also not required to be sold with a locking device.


Of course, those facts may well be true, but right now, we don’t even know if any of that played a factor. All we know is a disturbed 15-year-old kid somehow got his hands on a firearm and used it horrifically.

That’s all we know for certain.

What we don’t know was how that weapon was stored, how it was obtained, or even confirmation of what kind of firearm it was.

Yet that information is never relevant for those who demonize guns and the Second Amendment. For them, Raleigh is yet another example they can hold up and use the bodies of the slain as soapboxes. The president sure didn’t wait for information to become available before he called for more gun control and neither are these folks.

I hate to break it to these folks, though, but gun control wouldn’t have stopped what happened in Raleigh. Those laws exist in places that still have mass shootings, after all, so there’s little reason to believe this individual wouldn’t have found a way around the rules in place.

As it is, children can’t buy guns and they’re also not allowed to, you know, murder people, yet this kid did the latter. So color me unconvinced that there’s much of anything that could have been done to prevent this crime so far as gun control goes.


What might do some good is people learning the warning signs of the mental disorders that might lead someone to do something like this and then getting that individual some much-needed help. Then you stop these kinds of things and respect people’s rights.

I know, that’s not what the gun control is about. They’re about using things like Raleigh to advance an agenda that will inevitably lead to us being disarmed. That is what they’re about.

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