Cleveland school allows armed teens into building to avoid cops

AP Photo/Martha Irvine

Whether we like it or not, we do live in the era of mass shootings. They happen, though not as often as some allege, they do happen. Of particular concern these days are school shootings, especially after Uvalde.


It’s enough of a concern that the sight of armed teens in the area would send a school into total lockdown, even if there wasn’t evidence of a threat to the school.

Unless, apparently, you’re officials at one Cleveland school. They apparently decided instead to just open the door and allow masked and armed assailants into the building.

Two high school assistant principals supposedly opened school doors to permit four masked teenagers with guns to enter the building because the administrators feared for the safety of the suspects, at least three of whom appear to be black, since police had already arrived on the scene.

On September 14, security officers at Garret Morgan High School in Cleveland, Ohio, reportedly spotted four armed teenagers wearing masks approaching the school and immediately contacted 911. While the suspects continued to approach the school, the security officers repeatedly emphasized that the suspects should not be let inside.

“Do not let them, do not let anybody through that door, people,” one man said, according to audio from the 911 call.

“Keep the school locked down,” the dispatcher instructed.

Another person yelled, “Don’t let ’em in the building!” And yet another person seemed to relay that message to others, echoing, “Don’t let ’em in the building!”

However, despite these repeated warnings, the young men were, in fact, allowed into the building. According to reports, two school administrators — Christopher Kane and Carolyn Elias, both assistant principals — allowed them in.


To make matters worse, the school system is defending this nonsense, claiming that these armed teens were only allowed into a secure portion of the school and that the officials did so out of fear for the safety of students and staff.

Police did manage to arrest three of the four as they tried to flee, finding weapons on them.

And these two just let them waltz into the school, supposedly because they were afraid for students and staff?

So you’re letting people you have reason to believe might be a threat into the building to keep others inside the building safe?

Honestly, this is absolute insanity.

In an era of mass shootings, you want buildings to be locked down to such a degree that no one can get in except for the police. You want things shut down to such a degree that these four couldn’t have gained access no matter what.

But that’s not what happened. What happened was they were just let into the building.

Luckily, no one was hurt, but if these four had bad intentions for those inside the school, does anyone really think that the supposedly secure section of the school would have contained them? Hardly.


This is not how you stop school shootings. This could easily have started one, though.

Both of these men need to be held accountable for their actions and that may well warrant including charges for their actions if applicable. No one should endanger students like that, especially not the assistant principals.


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