Expert: Canadian handgun ban won't work

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has now banned all handgun sales in the country. That’s right, Canada has yet another gun ban going into effect just a short time after an “assault weapon” ban.


And people wonder why we hold the Second Amendment to be so important.

Ostensibly, the Canadian ban is about public safety. That’s the excuse that’s been given, just as it was given here when anti-gunners were pushing to pass a similar ban.

However, it’s not likely to accomplish anything.

The decision was made in Ottawa to help limit access to firearms, and combat gun violence across the country.

But one crime expert doesn’t believe the government addressed the actual issue of gun-related crimes, and in turn, targeted the wrong group.

“We don’t have law abiding licensed citizens going around shooting people, the criminality that’s out there is using illegal guns – and I don’t feel this was the right step,” said Karen Reid-Sidhu, executive director at the Surrey Crime Prevention Society.

“I know a lot of people who are licensed to carry handguns that use it for a sport. Why are we taking that away from people? Why are we not looking at the real problem here?”

Reid-Sidhu believes stronger enforcement at our borders and ports is what the government needs to focus on.

“The majority of the crime that happens across Canada is caused by illegal weapons coming across our borders,” she added.

“If you think about the lack of enforcement in Canada with our borders and ports, there needs to be a shift and concentration in that area to enforce those enforcements. With the availability of guns in the U.S. coming into Canada, without resources at the borders, we are not going to be catching very many,” she said.

Reid-Sidhu says that it’s unlikely these new measures will actually make a difference.


Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

For the record, while it looks like Reid-Sidhu is blaming the US for Canada’s issue, the truth is that guns do cross the border. Both borders, to be fair.

Yet there are already laws in place designed to prevent this, They just don’t.

And criminals are going to obtain firearms through any means they can. When there’s a demand, a supply will develop. Right now, unfortunately, it’s criminals obtaining guns here in the US–often obtaining them illegally, it should be noted–and selling them to Canadian criminals.

New laws won’t stop that, and neither will a gun ban.

As has been mentioned previously, gun bans only impact law-abiding citizens. Canada’s “freeze” on handgun sales–which is tantamount to a gun ban with a grandfather clause–only keeps those law-abiding Canadians disarmed.

The criminals aren’t going to bat an eye.

I mean, I know Canadians have a reputation for being polite and all that, but let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that they somehow have law-abiding criminals. By definition, criminals are nothing of the sort. So for them, this is nothing. They won’t even notice a gun ban in effect.


But your regular Canadian on the streets just might. Especially when they start feeling the need for a firearm for personal protection and can’t get a compact option for daily carry.

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