Uvalde victim's mother blasts school system's priorites

Uvalde victim's mother blasts school system's priorites
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Anyone who has been touched by a mass shooting beyond just seeing the news and feeling bad knows that the aftermath of such a thing goes on for ages. You don’t move past it in a few months. I’m not entirely sure you ever move past it, particularly when you lost your child.


But one Uvalde victim’s mother is fed up with the school system there after a phone call from her surviving daughter’s school.

A Uvalde mom who lost her 10-year-old child in the Robb Elementary School shooting says the Uvalde school district called her about her surviving 11-year-old daughter wearing ripped jeans to school, just five months after the tragedy.

Kimberly Mata-Rubio shared a screenshot of what appears to be a transcript of a voicemail left on Oct. 26 by a staff member of her 11-year-old surviving daughter’s elementary school.

In the screenshot, the caller advises Mata-Rubio to “please bring either another pair of pants or maybe some leggings” to an unnamed elementary school, adding that “the cuts” in the pants her daughter was wearing “are a little too high.”

“One thing we’re not going to do is dress code my 11-year-old for some ripped jeans,” Mata-Rubio tweeted. “UCISD (Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District), focus on school security. Maybe, if you had, my daughter, her little sister would still be alive.”

Now, I’m not going to get into the dress code thing. I have thoughts on such things, but they’re generally not relevant to this particular discussion.

What is, though, is that Mata-Rubio is right.

The killer should never have been able to get into that school that day. Uvalde shouldn’t be a town any of us really know anything about. Instead, we know plenty, and it’s because security at Robb Elementary School was an absolute joke.


For all the talk of banning this gun or passing that bit of gun control, the inescapable fact is that a gunman came in off the streets and was able to just walk into that school and take control of classrooms, killing students as he wished.

That’s a security failure, just as Mata-Rubio says.

But it’s clear that while that hasn’t been addressed, at least they’re on top of the ripped jean scourge.

Now, I’m not saying that the rules should just go out the window for the siblings of those killed in Uvalde. That’s not how it works at all, nor how it should work.

Yet I also get what Mata-Rubio is upset about as well. The schools can stay on top of dress code violations but not know how to lock a freaking door? I’d be rather furious as well under the circumstances.

Uvalde was an example of many things, but mostly it was an example of what can happen when pretty much everyone screws the pooch royally and by the numbers. It shouldn’t have happened and people like Mata-Rubio are justifiable in their anger over that fact.

I may not agree with where they seek to put part of that blame, but on this? On this, I’m in total agreement.

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